Organize Information

How to Organize Information in Contact Manager

- Track Leads and Contacts
- Manage Customers
- Send Invoices via email
- Design Entire Campaigns
- and many more...

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security in Free Contact Management

- SSL based web access
- User Roles
- System Privileges
- Field Permission
- User Access Control


Customizing the Free Contact Manager

- Custom Fields
- Rule-based Processing
- Custom Reporting
- Duplicate Management

Drip Marketing

Allows you to create rules for sending timed newsletters, automated tasks, events etc. for each contacts entered into the system.

Hierarchical Tags

Tag each contacts and customers with tags. You can create multiple levels of tags to organize information in hierarchical fashion.


The Campaign application allows creation of newsletters and email campaigns. You can use your own smtp account to send campaign emails


In OfficeClip you can create invoices for work done on various projects. These can be sent electronically to your customers who can track and pay online.

Smart Phone Access

OfficeClip web application can be accessed via iphone, android or windows 8 phones. Any smartphone with mobile web access should work.

Multi-Level Security

Functional security is provided by limiting features to a role. Object security is provided by limiting access of certain objects (like contact) to users.

Daily Call List

Keep in touch with your prospects. This call list will organize information to keep track of who you call every day.


OfficeClip Contact Manager provides syncronization with outlook contacts, appointments, tasks and notes. In addition contacts also syncs with Google Contacts

Customers say:

"OfficeClip has been easy to learn, use and navigate for us at BT. We have found it a useful asset in managing and organizing our projects."

Andre Thompson
Senior Engineer - British Telecom

"This product has been a lifesaver! we are very happy with the product and support"

Sarah Roderus
Vice President - TCT Computing

"We have been using the OfficeClip tools for more than seven years to share corporate documents and track time for more than hundred associates"

Mary Yanocha
Director - PM Solutions

Good return on investment

  • Free Contact Management - Use it free for 10 users. Add more users or increase feature as required.
  • Consolidation of Contacts - Your contacts are conveniently stored in one location which is accessible from anywhere
  • Enhanced security - Your contacts can be secured via specific organization roles or even based on individual users. For example you can create a rule for certain criteria, such as "If a contact's city is Atlanta then give full access to the Role - Eastern Region".
  • Other Benefits - You can easily store new contact details, contact notes, appointments, task, customer issues, and even campaigns so that they can be quickly located and accessed

Additional Information

Security in OfficeClip Contact Manager

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