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timesheet templates to record time

Timesheet Templates

Manage your project and task time with ease in various formats.

manage projects efficiently

Project Management Templates

Track your hours across projects for seamless client invoicing.

organize and prioritize work to reach daily goals

To-do List Templates

To-do templates to organize and prioritize your tasks.

request time-off

Time Off Request Templates

Ready for some well-deserved time-off? Download the Time off request templates and get it approved.

measure employee burnout

Measure Employee Burnout

Identify burnout risks using the template and act decisively to support employees' well-being.

measuring productivity

Measure Employee Productivity

Track your teams performance daily and weekly with our easy-to-use productivity template.

tracking leads

Lead Management Templates

Track your lead stages, analyze status and compare actual revenue to forecasts.

invoice templates

Invoice Templates

Create professional invoices in seconds with the customizable invoice templates, saving you time and effort.

measuring productivity

Daily Planner

Visualize your day and see exactly how much time your spent on meetings, emails, projects, and even breaks.

tracking leads

Decision Matrix Template

Make the right decision out of the given multiple choices with the decision matrix template.

outcome-based design templates

Outcome-based Design Templates

A template created to define and log the outcomes for your business.

identify and prioritize tasks

Matrix to implement 80/20 rule

With the 80/20 rule, identify 20% of those tasks that will give 80% of your project outcomes.


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