contact manager tour

The application tours describe the features and functionality of the OfficeClip Contact Management for small business.


contact manager tour details

Contact Manager Screenshots

Static screens of various features. It covers:
  • Contact List
  • Contact Details
  • Custom Fields
  • Contact Reports
  • Campaigns and Newsletter
  • Invoices
  • Calendar and Documents

Contact Manager Videos

Introduction to Contact Manager (03:13)
Standard Concepts of the OfficeClip Contact Manager
Creating Relationships (04:49)
Describes how to create and use two-way relationships
Customizing Contact Manager (03:10)
How to customize various features of the Contact Manager
Creating Reports (03:46)
How to create and use reports
How to create campaigns (11.16)
Create Campaigns and newsletters
How to create filters in CRM (2.25)
CRM filters
Set permissions in Contact Manager (8.23)
Set access and permissions
How to create Call List (1.00)
Creating call list
How to sync contacts with Google (1.32)
Using Google sync

General Concept Videos

Introduction to OfficeClip (05:23)
Introduction to various OfficeClip applications and their benefits
Role Based Security (3:13)
Describes OfficeClip Roles Based Security and Privileges
Extranet Sharing (10:47)
How OfficeClip Extranet can share information with your Partners
Smart Phone Access (5:56)
Shows how to use OfficeClip on Mobile devices like IPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc.

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