Our Customer stories
Keeps your Contacts Organized
OfficeClip allows us to keep the contacts organized and accessible. We like the ability to have multiple users. Free version - Contact form has all the needed information. Has the ability to edit the fields to match the organization criteria.
‒ Jhaneth Vasquez.
Solid features at a great price
OfficeClip has allowed us to clean up our customer leads database, track it easily no matter where we are, share information with our whole team, and do it for a great price. We've had a few questions and minor issues over the years and the tech support is very fast, friendly and responsive.
‒ Todd Grayson.
Pretty Long Time User
I have seen improvements over the years with access and speed. The overall feel is good. It is better than any other software companies. The team has been responsive to my needs..Basically they get right on it! Happy with staff and management
‒ Greg Gawthrop.
A reasonable solution to customer contact
I use it principally to keep information on customer contacts. It helps use organize our contacts through tags and we can also keep in touch with our customers through call list.
‒ Gary Hilman.
Great CRM
We use contact management, invoices and document management. It is a easy to use CRM.
‒ Jolie Pavent.
Account Support
Had lost account login information. Support was easy to access and provided secure and fast solution.
‒ Ian Roy.
Easy to use
It is free. Fairly simple to use timekeeping for many users.
‒ Adam Larison.
Saves time and helps accounting to process payroll with ease.
Great for those who work remotely or at multiple sites. I liked the ease of reporting time while on the go.
‒ Michelle DeBay.
DCAA complaint and technical support is awesome
What I like most of all about this application is the ease of use, it allows me to make adjustments on the fly, and the fact you can use this app on several different devices.
‒ Derrick Anderson.
Very User Friendly
I find the product very easy to use and if there is an issue with the product, support is very quick to respond.
‒ Frederic Apcar.
OfficeClip provides excellent support
We use OfficeClip for Timekeeping of client projects. It provides all the features necessary to control user privileges and handle all timekeeping scenarios. Great end user support long after the sale. Easy to use.
‒ Michael Honore.
Range of capabilities
Lot's of functionality for the price. Great, affordable solution for a small business. Was easy to get setup and begin using. Customer service is very responsive.
‒ Peter Lambert.
Simple and Efficient
We use this software for many needs in our office. Simple and efficient. Doesn't have a steep learning curve. So new employees can start using the system right away. Lay out is easy on the eyes and many complex functionalities are built in.
‒ Mathangi Jambunathan.
Works as expected
Worked as expected. I am not extremely technical so needed help with install. Once installed, very easy to manage. Mobile app available, easy to administer, integrates with QuickBooks.
‒ Walter Augustine.
Effortless implementation. Quick return on Investment
The ease of administration and flexibility of the product has ensured that we can modify the product on an ongoing basis. This has helped the OfficeClip installation to evolve along with our needs. End users adapt to the solution with no formal training, and this has allowed new joiners, to hit the ground running, while using unified, streamlined processes for sales acquisition.
‒ Jude C.
Efficiency and time management at all times
I love that you can use it from any place and without much training since it is very intuitive and easy to understand. It provides great technical support. It is easy to carry and very intuitive helps you to administer your time to make the most of it, it is not complicated and issues good reports in order to detect faults and improve continuously.
‒ Cirany Virginia L.
Trial Base
The office clips free time tracker lets your employees log work hours on projects. You can also use it to manage expenses time off and send invoices to customers . It 's simple used and available free to unlimited users. I feel like it's a lot you can do with this software to keep you on point with everything in your business or office.
‒ User in Government Relations.
Small to Medium Workflow Process from Sales to Service
OfficeClip allows us to have a web-based solution throughout the organization and we can manage contacts, customers and employees anywhere and anytime.
‒ Teresa F.
OfficeClip: A Small Company but a Big product
Their support is wonderful. Their product has great functionality for the many niches it can fill. It gets more funtionality with each version. We are using it for maintaining the Client database, sales database, bug tracking, calendar, client support tracking,
‒ David M.
Software has a broad application to business needs
Lots of functionality for the money. Many different modules to apply to many parts of a business. We use invoicing and online payments using BluePay, CRM for both marketing and existing customer service, we capture marketing info from web forms, store and share documents and use drip marketing. Once you get to know the software you can do a lot.
‒ Steven Pavent.
Good Customization features
I use the CRM part of the software that includes Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Invoicing. We are pretty happy with the platform, features and customization capabilities withe software. Support is top notch!
‒ Craig Chaplain.
A Contact Manager for CPA
OfficeClip CRM has suited our business very well. Integration with emails and web forms enables us to improve the speed of responses to questions of potential customers. The implementation was well planned by the OfficeClip team, the training delivered by Dutta was professional and when completed we were confident of using the system. For support the OfficeClip team was very helpful and always made sure that the issues were dealt with quickly.
‒ Parvez Khimani.
OfficeClip Helps me Manage my Business Contacts
OfficeClip is easy to use and maintain. All support and technical questions answered in a timely fashion. The product can be adjusted to meet most of the needs of a small business or non profit. I am happy to recommend the software to my friends and business associates. The product is affordably priced and user friendly. We have customized many of the field names and also added several to best meet our needs. Good Job OfficeClip!!!!!
‒ Bruce Oliver.
Business Operations specialist
Easy to use. Self explanatory. Love the new features and they are always very helpful and support is great!
‒ Michelle Wold.
Time Tracking for my Small Business
I started using this software about a year ago. The software allows entering weekly hours for all the project we are doing for customers. We also use the invoices application to create and send invoices to customers. One thing I like about the software is its simplicity to use and at the same time has features like approval routing and rules. We started with the free version and then upgraded to enterprise. It is inexpensive compared to other similar products in the market.
‒ Joanne Black.
Real timesheets, easy to use
The user interface is great. Helps me keep track of time. Easy way to report the time spent on different projects.
‒ Arthur van Noort.
Our experience with Office Clip has been positive
Our employees work off site and we needed a timekeeping system that would allow easy access from remote locations so employees could meet the requirement to post their time on a daily basis. Office Clip is a great tool for this. Office Clip provides access controls that are needed in our industry. By setting the user controls I can manage which contracts an employee is allowed to charge time to. The automatic routing of timecards to appropriate supervisors and final approvers adds additional controls. The customer support is superior. I never wait for a response and they stick with it until completely resolved. They go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. They have even generated some special reports for me when I had a need to do a deep dive into an employee's assertion that they had been accessing the system. No complaints whatsoever on support from Office Clip!
‒ C Horsley.
Great software for timekeeping, vacation request, CRM and document control
Easy to use. Inexpensive. One stop shop for time keeping and vacation requests. Has expense reporting. Can customize reports. We had originally purchased the program for it's easy to use time keeping system. The added bonus for us was it does vacation requests, CRM and document control. All of which are very user friendly. The calendar is a nice feature to see when people are off and what holidays are coming up. We have even had some customization done to our program so the program can be modified to meet your needs. Overall we are satisfied with the program.
‒ Kevin Presley.
Will help to improve the way your company operates
Timesheet ban be routed to three levels of approval, notifications are sent when timesheet is approved, rejected or submitted. Its locked after the timesheet are sent for approvals. You're able to get the time sheets approval, keep up with time off and edit checks. Its also have the ability to DCAA Compliance, Integration and you also have mobile access through android or iPhone.
‒ Kenneth P.
Great program that really simplifies day-to-day tasks
It is very simple and gets the job done. Very low cost. It has impacted my work by not having to worry about stuff. It’s a basic program, very efficient and I can see everything easily.
‒ User in Hospital and Health Care.
Great timesheet experience
It is very convenient to work with and submitting timesheets is very easy. A great software to use
‒ Teresa P.
OfficeClip Timesheet
The support from the developers and staff puts this application above the rest. They will customize to your needs, always willing to assist and make the system better to suit your particular needs. Most of our employees are deployed and this system is adaptable to our needs and can be customized to any company. It is also compatible with our accounting software.
‒ Administrator in Program Development.
Good Software
I like the ease of use of the software. It has made me move quickly from project to project.
‒ Robert C.
Contact and Account Management for Accounting Firm
We are an accounting firm specialize on personal and corporate tax returns. OfficeClip is installed on our private cloud for security reasons. We are using invoicing, document sharing and all other CRM features. All our contacts are now accessed from the same place using desktop and mobile. Also a password protected portal to share limited information with customers (for example their tax returns). Ability to define multiple organizations to isolate data.
‒ Habibur Rahman.
This software is awesome
It is very easy to use. You can customize the software to serve your office needs. The software also has different features like reminders, tasks, and events.
‒ Maribel Godinez.
An useful Contact Manager
The ease of use, functionality and value of this product helps save us lots of time. We use it to track our prospects. It is easy to load new contacts, sort them using tags. Assigning tasks to the team, adding events and updating information helps turning prospects into customers. It also facilitates integration with the social media and Google.
‒ Karim Sadruddin.
Very short wait time
It is free. Perfect for a new non-profit organization that needs to have a contact manager. Lets me review the activity of intern.
‒ Andrea Henderson.
Best CRM
The best thing I like about this is the ease of use. The support is very fast and responsive.
‒ Jonathan Brown.
Great features with the exact features our small company needs!
My team of remote employees use OfficeClips on a daily basis for timesheet recording and expense recording. The DCAA audit compliance is important to us and the ability to download expense attachments is critical. Having the ability to export to both Excel and PDF has greatly streamlined our invoicing flow. Time saver and clear reporting and auditing.
‒ Cate McCoy.
The support staff is very helpful
The software is easy to use. It is straightforward and user friendly. You don't need to be computer savvy to be able to learn how to use it. The support staff is great, they even helped me during the weekends. I really appreciate their dedication.
‒ Jeni Umali.
Emergency Response
Support personnel are very responsive when we have issues and are very responsive to change requests. Had an emergency requirement for additional licenses as System Administrator not available and officeclip personnel worked with us to provide immediate solution.
‒ Robert Buran.
OfficeClip Streamlines Time and Expense Tracking
Office Clip solves the problem of collecting individual reports from our consultants for their time and expenses. With Office Clip they are all in a central location. Having the ability to check their reports with their attached documentation and receipts saves our staff much needed time. We take full advantage of the New Account feature as well. This is a tremendous help to us in separating our projects and consultants. We are also able to track and run reports based on this ability and use the information in many other areas of our business. I am very satisfied with their products. It has improved productivity including decreasing the amount of time it takes for us to process payroll, which for any business is very important.
‒ Katie B.
Time tracking for various projects
It is simple enough to understand and have many configurable reports. The time entry and the approval process is easy to use. We have used the Time Tracking for multiple projects here for a small team. We use the Timesheet, Time Off module and the Expense part of the application.
‒ Kim J.
Contact Management
I use the Contact Manager. It enables me to know when activities are coming up with any contact I've entered into my list of contacts, plus the the history of activities involving that contact. Can easily assign activities to any individual contact, then later pull up that contact and see all activities that have been assigned to just that contact. Can set alarms to remind me that a meeting or other activity is coming up.
‒ Laurence R.
OfficeClip provided useful and flexible Contact Management
The platform and the team that develops it are both flexible. My team used OfficeClip to upload manage thousands of stakeholders, and the dev team ensured we had the fields and features we needed to effectively manage numerous large scale campaigns. Work closely with the development team if you have special needs or requests. They're extremely helpful!
‒ Administrator in Education Management.
Easy to use and Customizable
I use OfficeClip as an applicant tracking system for a small recruiting business. It offers all of the features that I need at an affordable force. Easy to use and very customizable. I have very little knowledge in creating and editing web based programs. OfficeClip makes it very easy to get the look and feel that I want.
‒ Ken S.
New to timesheet
The most helpful aspects of timesheet are its user friendly interface and it's streamlined experience.
‒ User in Higher Education.
Great Product
Prior to the adoption of Office Clip, we had to manually input our employee's timecards into our accounting system. OfficeClip allowed us to automate that process with a simple plugin and easy-to-use interface, saving us thousands of dollars per year. This, backed by an excellent, responsive support staff make this a great product. Main benefit is that the Timekeeping is in compliance with DCAA requirements.
‒ Administrator in Information Technology and Services.