Free Issue Tracker for organizations

An efficient and responsive bug tracking system to track, assign, and fix issues.
Designed with an easy-to-use interface, and completely
free for unlimited users.

Free Issue tracking system to track bugs

What is included in the Online Bug Tracker?

  • Available in the Hosted and Installed version
  • Free for unlimited users and unlimited time
  • Free access to Mobile app
  • Free storage of up to 5 GB
  • View detailed history for up to 15 days
  • Free upgrades to Professional or Enterprise edition.
  • Report sharing
  • Import/Export issues in CSV format

How to use OfficeClip Issue Tracker?

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With OfficeClip Issue Tracking System:

  • Create binders/folders for different types of issues.
  • Record issues found in the software.
  • Track the issue status until resolved.
  • Add rules to prioritize the issues, and track progress.
  • Send notifications, alerts, and reminders with attachments and notes to developers.

How will OfficeClip Issue Tracker/Support Desk help your business?

Binders for tracking multiple issues

Free Issue Tracker software

Various binders/folders are available to track software issues, sales activity, patient tracking, applicant tracking, etc. Fine tune the fields as per your business requirements.

Create, track, and assign issues

creating new issue

Your users, customers or team members can create issues or add software bugs in the system. With all the details mentioned in the issue tracker, the developers or concerned authority can quickly take actions. Your customer or team members can track these issues until resolution.

Track issues across devices

track issue on all devices

Create and track issues through multiple devices no matter where you are.

Get an overview of issues

overview of issues

Get an overview of all issues or trackers with in-built reports. These reports can be shared publicly or securely using a login id and password. Also, permissions can be set to restrict access to confidential reports.

Capture issues with Webforms

track issues via webforms

One of the quicker ways to highlight and report issues for a customer is through Webforms. The issues via webform get saved in the issue tracker system and are monitored by developers on a regular basis, so that they get tackled quickly.

Other Features in the Advanced version

  • Sends email notification and creates on-screen notification to the assignee when a new issue is created in the system.
  • Allows the server to capture issue information from customer emails and add it to the issue list.
  • Create escalation rules to change priority or criticality, if issue is not attended or resolved within a certain period.
  • Schedules reports to be sent by email to concerned authorities at regular intervals in various format.


We use OfficeClip as an applicant tracking system for a small recruiting business. It offers all the features we need at an affordable force. Easy-to-use and customizable.OfficeClip makes it very easy to get the look and feel that I want.

- Ken S.

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OfficeClip Free Issue tracking software ensures a
smooth workflow for capturing and resolving issues

tracking software bugs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An Issue Tracker software is used to record issues in your system or record customer complaints.

    Storing all the issues in one place helps the development team to address issues quickly. Also, the complainant can track the progress of every ticket or issue.

    You can also use OfficeClip Issue tracking to track bugs, add enhancement requests, manage sales tracking, patient tracking, applicant tracking, workmans comp claims tracking.

  • The software is free to use with unlimited users and has no time limit. The basic online Professional edition starts from $3/user/month and has advanced features. The Cloud/Installed version for Professional edition starts from $24/user.

    Check more details on our Pricing page.

  • To start the Free Trial, click on the Register button here.

    For Hosted/online version - fill-up the form, choose the option Hosted, and click on Register and login. It will take you to the Create a New Account screen. Add the details, click Submit, and start using OfficeClip.

    For the Installed version - fill-up the form, choose the option Installed, and click Register and Login. It will take you to the download screen. Download OfficeClip and start using it.

  • The software has a easy-to-use interface, where you can simply create binders and start tracking issues.

    We also have step-by-step documentation, videos, and support team to help you. Check the documentation link: OfficeClip Issue Tracker help

  • You can connect us through live chat, email us to [email protected] or call us at +1-770-448-7375.


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