An Issue tracking system is a software application that enables the software teams to record and track bugs in software.

OfficeClip Free Issue Tracking System can help to:

  • Record issues found in the software.
  • Create binders for different types of issues.
  • Track the issue status until resolved.
  • Add rules to prioritize the issues, track progress, and send notifications, alerts, and reminders with attachments and notes.

What is included?

Free Issue Tracker

  • Free Hosted and Installed version.
  • Free for Unlimited Users.
  • Free access to the Mobile App.
  • Free storage of up to 5GB.
  • Detailed history is shown for the past 15 days.
  • Ability to migrate to Professional or Enterprise edition.


Bug Tracker features

OfficeClip Issue Tracker lets you:

  • Assign status, criticality, attachments to the issue.
  • Assign the issue to the responsible person to get it resolved.
  • Track the issue from its inception to completion.
  • View a variety of reports related to issues.
  • Track time spent by your developers on an issue.
  • Allow customers to create and monitor their issues via the web forms.
  • Import/Export issues in CSV format.

Create Binders

Binders are containers that can be used to save similar issues. Binder fields can be customized for individual needs. For example, the fields of Sales Tracking Binder are different from the Software Defect Tracking binder.

Bug Tracker new binder

  • Create binders based on various templates.
  • The fields and other parameters can be further tuned to the business requirements.

Viewing Reports

Issue Tracker reports

  • Various report templates are available. Professional and Enterprise users can use a report designer to create their own report fields, formats, and filters.
  • Reports can be shared, scheduled, edited, copied, and deleted. Permissions can also be set for reports as to who can access or view reports.
  • Reports can also be exported in PDF, Word, or Excel format.

Web Forms

Web form can be created by organizations, put it up on their website so that the customers can submit their issues.

Adding issues via web forms

  • Web link is a public share where anyone can access this link and submit issues, while the secured link has password-protected access.
  • Customers can see their issues in the issue list and also track the status of their issues through the issue tracker.

Mobile Access

Issue Tracker issue listIssue Tracker view issues

With OfficeClip Mobile app users can:

  • View issues from the binders in the issue tracker.
  • Add issues.
  • Filter and search the issues as per requirement.
  • Users can also edit and delete the issues.

Our free bug tracking software gives a view of all the list of issues, helps your team members and customers to record issues, and, most importantly, assigns it to the right person. It also ensures this issue tracking process flows smoothly, which makes the customer service easy. OfficeClip has the option of setting up Issue Tracker on an Installed version(Installed on a computer) or a Hosted version(Setup an account online).


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