Issue Tracker Screen-shots

Issue Tracker Screen-shots

Static screens of various features of the OfficeClip Issue Tracker. See below if you want to see the video tours.

Issue Tracker Videos

Introduction to Issue Tracker (02:29)
Standard Concepts of the OfficeClip Issue Tracker
Using Issue Tracker (10:47)
Describes various features of the Issue Tracker and how to use them
Customizing Issue Tracker (5:01)
How to customize various features of the Issue Tracker

General Concept Videos

Introduction to OfficeClip (05:23)
Introduction to various OfficeClip applications and their benefits
Role Based Security (3:13)
Describes OfficeClip Roles Based Security and Privileges
Extranet Sharing (10:47)
How OfficeClip Extranet can share information with your Partners
MobileDevice Access (5:56)
Shows how to use OfficeClip on Mobile devices like IPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc.


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