The Timesheet Software tracks the time spent on a project, the budget for a project and resource allocation. With this software, you will be able to measure the project and employee performance, and you will also get an exact idea of how much work is done, whether the project is going on within the budget or not. If you find that an employee is spending too much time on a particular task, a call can be taken whether he/she needs some training or support or the task is to be allocated to some other person.

Project Management

New Projects

Figure: List of Projects

Project management gives the idea of the daily ongoing projects, and it also helps to forecast requirements with the status in the timesheet. A proper project planning will help to plan the tasks, activities, roles, and responsibilities effectively. Before creating a timesheet, the Administrator has to set up the projects to allocate the work and track time for the employees.

Accounts Management

Accounts List

Figure: List of Accounts

Accounts are a list of clients. The organization handles different projects for different clients.

Task Management

Various tasks for a project

Figure: Tasks

Time is billed for each task categories(called service items). The Administrator sets each service item and the projects they can be billed against. Employees, when filling timesheet, sees only those tasks that are allocated to the projects they are working on.

Entering a Timesheet

New Timesheet design with attachments

Figure: New Timesheet

The timesheet entry screen follows a spreadsheet paradigm where an employee enters time values against the various projects, tasks and payroll items. If the mode of entering timesheet is set to Clock-In/Out, then the exact start time and end time of the working hours for an employee can be recorded. Comments can be added to the timesheet for the approver. Receipts and other attachments can be added to each timesheet.

Consolidated View of Timesheets

Timesheet list screen

Figure: View Timesheets

Timesheet List screen gives a quick view of current and past timesheets. It shows the total number of hours worked by each employee for a particular organization. This screen also shows the status of timesheets whether a user has submitted a timesheet or whether a timesheet is approved or rejected.

Timesheet Details

Timesheet details

Figure: Timesheet details of a user

View timesheet from the timesheet list screen gives a bird's eye view of all the details of the work performed by a user in a week for an organization - like the project and account the user is working on, task details, number of hours spent on a project and task, details of the work done, whether the task is billable or not and also the comments entered by the user.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software are:

  • Detailed information of the time spent on a project.
  • Monitoring of hours spent by employees on different tasks.
  • Analysis and Planning of the project.
  • Identifying the delaying factors for a project.
  • Accurate, up-to-date information of the work done.
  • Track time on a desktop app or a mobile app.


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