How Customer portal software benefits businesses?

online customer portal

Reading Time: 4 minutes A customer portal provides access to a limited set of data and functionality to your customers. You may not want to give complete access to your enterprise software to your customers due to the limitations … Read more

Calendar Management for Businesses

Calendar management for events

Reading Time: 2 minutes Scheduling and planning goes a long way in organizing your personal and official work. Planning and managing things properly will create a smooth workflow for the day. Instead of using spreadsheets or emails for every … Read more

How OfficeClip helps to track time for Tasks?

Managing time with tasks

Reading Time: 3 minutes OfficeClip has introduced an advanced track time feature for its Task manager. Tracking time for each task will help the employee give an insight into how effective they are while at work and will help … Read more

Why is Electronic Document Management System important?

What and Why of Document Management System

Reading Time: 4 minutes Today businesses have to deal with extensive usage of documents on a day-to-day basis.  These documents can be related to contracts, invoices, proposals, documentation, company guidelines, and the list is endless. The functioning of every … Read more