Calendar Management for Businesses

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Scheduling and planning goes a long way in organizing your personal and official work. Planning and managing things properly will create a smooth workflow for the day.

Calendar management for events

Instead of using spreadsheets or emails for every event, Calendar management is the best solution. It will help save daily, weekly, and monthly events and share them with team members.

OfficeClip has a Calendar module that will manage and schedule all your events in an organized manner.

With OfficeClip Calendar, you can:

view calendar events
  • Create personal or group events.
  • Set up and Share appointments with vendors, customers, suppliers, partners.
  • To modify events, simply drag and drop the event to the desired date.
  • Add new labels for different events.
  • Users can use filters to view personal events, group events, meeting events, and time offs.
  • Sync events with Google calendar.
  • Create recurring events.


As per the survey:

70% people rely on a digital calendar to manage their life.
46.7% of respondents depend on their mobile calendar.
23.3 % of respondents rely on a desktop calendar.
28.3% of respondents prefer paper calendars such as a diary, journal, or planner.
While 1.8% of respondents rely on other scheduling tools.

Benefits of using OfficeClip Calendar:

  1. It will help view all the daily, weekly, monthly events and agendas for future events.
  2. Managers/supervisors can view employees’ time off in Calendar, which provides clear visibility of employee availability and will help in planning and rescheduling work.
  3. By clicking on the events, you can view the details of the meeting or events.
  4. Meeting events can be quickly added from a contact record.
  5. Gives clear visibility of daily, weekly, and monthly plans.
  6. There will be no missing of meetings, events, or appointments with a clear view and reminders.
  7. Employee time-off and tasks are visible in the calendar.


To summmarize, if you have a business, you need to pick up the right Calendar management system.

OfficeClip shared Calendar module will keep you organized and productive during those long working days. In addition, it will help to prioritize work and save your work schedules on track.