Why should you take OfficeClip data backup and How?

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Many people use the installed version of OfficeClip. But sometimes, functionality issues may come up, or there may be some hardware or software failure; in that case, a data backup will save your day.

Data backup


What is a Backup?

Taking backup is creating a copy of the data which we can recover in the event of some failure. This failure could be due to a hardware or software malfunction, corrupted data, virus or malware attack, accidental deletion of data, natural disasters, or a human mistake.

The backup taken will help restore the data to its original location or an alternate location to recover all the vital business information and save losses.

Why should you take a Backup of your data?

Many businesses use different kinds of software to save their crucial data. This data may include all your customer information, audit reports, financial statements, business documents, reports related to sales, project plans and details, clients communication, and so on.

The permanent loss of such crucial data will:

  • Upset customers
  • Lead to loss of revenue
  • Damage reputation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Affect productivity
  • Chances of exposure of confidential information, in case of human negligence

Eventually, your business will suffer a major disaster in the absence of a proper backup system. Therefore, it is essential to take a backup at regular intervals, to save your company from future threats or disasters.

* As per the statistics, 51% of companies close within two years in case of data loss.

* 70% of small firms go out of business within a year of significant data loss without a data recovery plan.

To create awareness on this topic, 31st March is a day dedicated to taking backups and preventing data loss. World Backup Day asks people to take a pledge for data backup on this day.

OfficeClip recommends three ways to take backup to avoid data loss in case of failure:

  1. Windows Backup
  2. OfficeClip Backup
  3. OfficeClip Backup using SQL Management Studio

It is never too late to take a small step towards making a significant change. This data backing up will save your business from losing revenue, investors, and closing down.

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