Payment Gateways

This screen allows setting up accounts for various Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, etc.

invoice payment gateway

To go to this screen, click Invoices > Admin > Payment Gateways.

To use a credit card provider, you must already have set up an account with them. To Activate an account, click on the Activate link next to the provider and enter the user id and password provided by the provider. You can also select the type of card that should be accepted by this provider. The card type depends on the cards that the provider offers and for which you have signed up.

Once you have set up a provider, the buyer will be able to pay using their Credit Card, PayPal account, etc.

Currently, following gateways are supported:
  • Paypal: With Paypal, your customers will be able to pay using credit cards and also from their Paypal Account. For this the user will have to create a merchant account in Paypal.

  • Stripe: With Stripe, the customers can pay via credit cards, the funds will be sent to your Stripe account. Payouts are then made to the bank account that you have linked to Stripe.

To enable one of these gateways the user need to create an account with one or more of these providers.

For more details on payment processing, click here.