To go to this screen, click Invoices > Admin > Templates.

This screen controls two types of Templates implemented within the OfficeClip Invoices application:

  • Invoice Template: This manages the look and feel of the invoice. The invoice template consists of Professional Invoice, Service Invoice, Standard Invoice, Quote, and Estimate. From the dropdown, select the type of invoice you want and set it as a default template.

  • Email Template: Provides the ability to customize all the emails related to the invoice.

To change the email template:

  • Click on the New Invoice link.
  • It will take you to the editor screen. Make required changes and click Save.

  • If you want the previous template back, you can click on the Reset default template link.
  • See the format the user receives when you send an invoice.

  • Similarly, you can make changes to all the links in the Email templates.