7 Best Contact Management Software for 2021

What is Contact Management? Contact Management Software allows you to record contact details and track interactions with your contacts, clients, or accounts. This database includes contact information, notes, tasks, events, appointments, follow-up schedules, documents. It … Read more

What and Why of Document Management System

What and Why of Document Management System

Businesses today have to deal with a vast number of documents. The ability to access the right documents in a timely fashion has become challenging. In most organizations, documents are spread out in various media … Read more

How To Select a Contact Manager For Small Business

A Contact Manager is a software program that enables users to store and locate contact information, tag contacts easily, create call list, create campaigns, create tasks, share documents, etc. It also provides advanced reporting capabilities … Read more

Permission-based Email Marketing

What exactly is permission-based email marketing? It means getting permission before adding contacts to an email list. It is the act of getting consent from a subscriber to send them email marketing campaigns.¬†Businesses that get … Read more

How to Improve Customer Retention

What is Customer Retention? Customer Retention is the ability of an organization or business to retain customers by providing them good services, managing the quality of the products sold, and quickly satisfy customer issues. Company … Read more

OfficeClip is now free on private cloud

OfficeClip has now made its small business application free to run on private clouds like amazon aws or hyper-v in organizations. Previously the ¬†software was free for upto 10 users. With this release it has … Read more

OfficeClip New Release 10.4.17

We have a new version of OfficeClip for you. It combines two previous versions. Here are the release notes: [more] 10.4.17 – Jun 21 2016 Bug Fix: Emails: Not downloading in the background SD1476(10.x Release) … Read more

OfficeClip Upgraded to 10.4.2

We have fixed few more issues and released version 10.4.2. Here are the release notes: Bug Fix: CRM: In contact >> view contact >> after adding a document goto history and download a file , … Read more

New! OfficeClip Release 10.4

This is a major release after about 5 months. We fixed more than 150 issues and made lots of enhancements to OfficeClip. This article discusses the enhancements we made in various applications of OfficeClip: [more] … Read more