How to select a Mobile app for your business?

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Mobile is the perfect example of what is enabling economic growth in the technology section.

– Max Levchin

As the above quote says, mobile apps and technology are all over the place. Today mobile apps are mainly designed for smartphones and tablets, and they play a very significant role in running businesses.

Without having to open a desktop, people can easily book appointments, place online orders, interact with customer care, create support tickets, and do many more things with the help of mobile apps.


According to Statista, mobile apps will generate more than $935 billion in revenues by 2023. In addition, mobile apps account for half of the web traffic worldwide.

In today’s digital age, people need access to information instantly. So, they expect a high-quality standard app that will fulfill all their requirements. So, every business must have a mobile app to thrive in the market.

Few interesting facts about the Mobile app:

Today, 90% of businesses have a mobile app.
Mobile CRM increases employees’ productivity by 15%.
65% of sales reps using a mobile CRM achieved their sales target.
49% of employees believe that smartphones or tablets are easy to use for some tasks other than a desktop or laptop.
67% of employees say that mobile technology has made access to information quick and easy.
53% of employees say that mobile technology has increased team collaboration.
70% of users abandon an app because it takes too much time to load.
65% of users say that poor mobile experience creates a negative impact on the brand.

Factors to consider while selecting a mobile app:

  • The interface of the app must be seamless and straightforward to use and should not be too complicated.
  • The loading time of the app should be fast and responsive.
  • The required information must be easily findable.
  • Check whether the mobile app has all the requisite features and will it provide a good experience?
  • You may use the same app on your android, ios or tablet screen. As a result, you need to check whether the app provides a responsive interface for different screen sizes?
  • Is the mobile app compatible with IOS and Android platforms?
  • Will the app ensure security on your devices? Your app may contain some crucial information, so will it provide the desired security/encryption?

OfficeClip Mobile

OfficeClip is a provider of Contact Manager and Timesheet software with users from many different countries. Our software has helped organize the workflow and increase productivity for businesses by providing them with an all-in-one solution. In addition, our Mobile app allows users to access data and track time from any place.

Why OfficeClip mobile app:

  1. Without having access to the desktop, people can get the required contact information through the mobile app.
  2. Employees can easily track their time and expenses.
  3. These apps will keep the supervisors updated about their employees’ work hours, work details, and project status.
  4. It will help to increase customer engagement and improve communication between you and your customers.
  5. This apps helps to respond to customer queries faster.
  6. The sales team can instantly add a new contact and create an event or task to keep in touch with their prospects or leads.
  7. This app will make your staff more efficient and will keep them updated constantly.

Features of Mobile CRM:

OfficeClip Mobile CRM will provide real-time access about the customer or prospects information to your sales team. This information will increase conversion rates, help resolve customer queries/complaints, and shorten the sales cycle.

mobile crm
  • View and access contacts and their details.
  • Create new contacts.
  • Add notes, events, tasks, issues for each contact.
  • Add calendar events for meetings and send invitations to attendees.
  • View Campaigns.
  • Create and assign tasks to team members.

Features of Mobile Timesheet app:

OfficeClip Mobile Timesheet app will result in up-to-date timesheets, no matter where your employees are.

mobile timesheet
  • Create a Timesheet with dates, tasks, projects, and work details.
  • View Timesheet status.
  • Submit a Timesheet.
  • The approver can also approve or reject the timesheet through the app after validation.
  • Create Expenses for multiple projects.
  • Create Invoices for billing purposes.

The OfficeClip mobile app is free and can be downloaded from the play store.

Officeclip android app
OfficeClip IOS app