What are Webforms and its importance

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Purchasing goods online has become a trend among people worldwide. Whenever you have ordered something online, there are chances that you may have used an online webform.

As per data, in 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online.

While ordering online, most of the time, you may have filled up the webforms. These web forms provide vital information for businesses.

What are WebForms?

Online WebForms
Online WebForms

Webforms are customized HTML forms created as per business requirements and put up on the website. They may be in various formats and an excellent medium for customers to contact you or communicate with you. These web forms allow the customers to send an order, get more information on a product, or send a query. This information is then sent to your database, and it is also a vital source of information filled up by the customers for businesses.

Using Webforms for your business:

Depending on your goals, webforms are used for many purposes like:

  1. Collecting feedback from customers
  2. Gathering necessary information about prospects
  3. A sales form helps understand user requirements better
  4. Market surveys
  5. Registration purposes
  6. Subscribing for a company’s newsletter

Designing a Webform:

The purpose of the webform should be clear. Your customers should understand what the form is exactly for.

  1. Keep it short and simple.
  2. Ask for information only which you require.
  3. Provide clear instructions and use simple language.
  4. If the form is complicated or if you ask for too much information, your leads or customers may lose interest and leave the website.
  5. Alert users by prompting errors if they have made any mistakes while filling up the webforms.

Benefits of using a Webform:

  • Helps to communicate with your visitors:

Forms created may be for the purpose of inquiry, survey, subscription, or registrations. All the information collected through these forms is submitted to your database. This information helps to build connections and relationships and will help initiate communication between you and your customers or leads.

  • Increase Conversion:

Webforms are a great source of gathering information from your leads. Embed these forms on your website to capture leads. Once we get the data or information from the leads, the sales team can use the information to send campaigns, send more information about the product, and inform the leads about the offers or discounts. This is one of the ways to have consistent communication with your leads which will, in turn, increase the conversion rate.

  • Data storage:

Once your leads or customers fill up the form and submit it, the form is then sent to your database, where it is securely stored. This data can then be accessed by your team members as and when required. Unlike the paper forms, there is a chance of getting lost, misplaced, or misused by others. These online webforms reduce paperwork, save a lot of time, and increases work efficiency.

  • Faster:

Online forms are one of the cheapest and faster ways of gathering information from your customers. Businesses can create an online form quickly and can get instant feedback or queries regarding their products.

How OfficeClip WebForms can be helpful for your business:

  • OfficeClip CRM module provides the users an option to create HTML webforms and capture required information from the customers or prospects.
  • These forms are very easy to create and will benefit your organization to a large extent.
  • The data submitted through the web forms will automatically get saved in your Contacts application database.
  • This saved database will help reply to the product information or inquiries. Follow-ups can also be planned for the conversion of leads.
  • OfficeClip web forms integrated with the CRM module will also trigger actions based on data submissions. With the marketing automation feature, create automated tasks, send automated campaigns, or create a call list for follow-up with these leads.