Issue Tracker Quick view

Issue Tracker module in the Support desk will help you to create binders for various kinds of issues. So that all the issues are stored in one place, which will make the tracking and fixing of issues easy.



  • Binders are different kind of folders which stores similar types of issues.
  • Users can create new binders by clicking on the New Binder button within the Issue tracker module.
  • Users can also click on the icon on the right side of the Binder list screen.
  • This section will help save the type of binder, and users can also select the desired fields, their options, and set rules.
  • How to create a new Binder.

New Issues

  • Users can create new issues by clicking on the New Issue button within the Issue List screen.
  • User can also click on the icon on the right side of the Issue list screen.
  • The new issue will save all the information about the customer issue, the description, status, criticality, category, and other required details.
  • How to create Issues inside a binder.


  • Issue Tracker Reports will provide detailed information about the list of all the issues, time taken to track issues, and much more.
  • OfficeClip has various in-built reports and a user-friendly interface to create custom reports as per the business requirements.
  • These reports can be copied, shared, scheduled, and deleted.
  • Managers can also set permissions for reports to restrict access for important and confidential reports.


  • Issues can be imported and exported in CSV format.
  • Issues can also be exported in XML format.
  • Check more about the Import and Export of Issues.


  • Webforms allow you to create a form that can be published on your website.
  • Through these forms, visitors can add and submit their issues quickly.
  • Check How to create WebForms.

Track time

  • Every issue has a track time feature.
  • This feature will give an idea about the time spent on each issue.
  • It will show all the details of the estimated time and spent time as well.
  • Learn more about Track Time for Issues.

Custom Fields

  • Every binder in the Issue tracker has the ability to add custom fields.
  • These custom fields can be added as per the binder type and organizational requirement.
  • Custom fields can be created in various formats like boolean, list, email, number, etc.
  • Learn How to create Custom fields.


  • Rules in Issue Tracker are set up by the Administrator.
  • Rules are triggered based on some actions and conditions set up in the application.
  • The Issue tracker module consists of two kinds of rules: Issue Notifications rule and Issue Escalations rule.
  • Issue notifications rule once set will send notifications to the concerned user, if a new issue is created or if any field value is changed.
  • Issue Escalations will escalate an issue, if the issue needs more attention or is unattended for a certain period.