Manage Duplicates

Note: This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of OfficeClip.

Imported contacts from various sources may cause redundant data to build up in the system. This makes your contact list disorganized and it also occupies a lot of space.

Duplicate Management in OfficeClip allows removal and merging of duplicate contacts in OfficeClip. Following are some of the commands that are used to manage duplicates:

  1. Skip: Skips the duplicate, i.e., the duplicate is kept in the system.

  2. Merge: Merges duplicates of a contact.

  3. Delete: Removes the duplicate contact.

Follow these steps to manage duplicates:

  1. Click CRM > Contacts > Admin > Duplicates.

  2. Select what to look for in the duplicates (the default is an Email address, but you can choose your criteria), then click on the Search button.

  3. You can see the list of possible duplicates will be shown. Click on the appropriate radio button and click on Apply .


When merging more than one contact, the first contact in the list is treated as the base contact, and other contacts in the group are used to complete the values that are empty on the base contact.