How to use Contact Manager

This section describes ways to use the Contacts application efficiently.

contacts list screen

OfficeClip Contact management software has various features which will help you to carry out all your business activities smoothly. Here are some of the features:

  1. Button bar menu - This menu consists of:
    • List : displays list of all the contacts and their details.
    • New: helps to create a new contact.
    • Reports: displays various kinds of reports which can be shared, scheduled, copied and downloaded in various formats.
    • Import/Export: menu will import or export your contacts in CSV format and also sync your contacts and their details to Google and Outlook. It also imports and exports the contacts in CSV format.
    • Tags: will help to segment your contacts in different hierarchy.
    • Call list: helps to set up call reminders for your customers and prospects.
    • Admin: can do various things like configuring fields, creating custom fields, creates relationship within contacts, creates rules, web forms and manages duplicates.
  2. Left Bar - The left bar menu consists of various contact manager modules like:
    • Accounts: contains information about all your clients with whom you have business relationship.
    • Opportunities: contains information about your leads or potential clients. It will help to gather all the information about future prospects and will be a big help in converting them to actual customers.
    • Campaigns: helps you to send promotional campaigns or emails to your customers or prospects.
    • Competitors: stores and tracks information about all your competitors. It will help you do a SWOT analysis and know their strategies better.
    • Invoices: helps you to create quotes, estimates and invoices for your customers.
    • Calendar: helps you to manage your events and day to day activities like meetings, tasks, personal events, etc.
    • Tasks: are list of activities which gives you an idea of what work is to be done, to whom it is assigned and what is the status of the tasks.
    • Documents: helps to store and organize all your organizational documents in one place.
  3. Search Menu - consists of
    • Search and Filter: This feature will help to search contacts with various fields. Various filters can also be created to search or sort a particular group of contacts. To learn more about complex filters click here.
  4. Other features - This consists of:

Creating New Contact

This screen allows you to enter all the details associated with a new contact such as name, organization, address, email, phone number, and so forth.

If the Welcome screen shows up the very first time, click on the checkbox on the left side labeled Don't show next time and then open the Contacts application again.

To create a new Contact:

  1. Click CRM > Contacts > New Contact on the top menu or click on the icon on the top left corner of the contacts list screen.

  2. Enter all the contact details on the New Contact screen.
  3. In the field Company name, there is an icon. after you click this icon a pop-up window appears; you can select an existing Company Name or enter a new company name from this screen.
  4. Select the Parent account from the right column of the screen. Parent account is the name of the account associated with the contact.
  5. Click Save after you finish entering the details.