Documents Quick View

Documents are files attached to the relevant contacts, accounts, leads or campaigns for quick reference.

  • Documents can be in the form of bills, invoices, contract orders, receipts, images, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Once the document is stored with users profile, the staff and clients can easily access the required information related to the contact or account.
  • Document permission can be set by the Administrator so as to restrict access for certain documents.


Upload Documents

  • A single file or multiple files with different formats can be uploaded in the Documents module.
  • Users can also bulk upload zip files.
  • These files can then be stored in the requisite folders.
  • How to upload documents.


  • DropSite allows the customers or customer portal users to upload their documents in OfficeClip.
  • Users can share file with different types of formats like csv, html, jpg, png, etc.
  • Learn more about How DropSite works.

Share Documents

  • Users can share documents or folders with customers or customer portal users.
  • Documents can be shared via web link where documents can be accessed by anyone in the organization once the link is shared.
  • Documents can also be shared via a secured link where users need to enter the login id and password to access the documents.
  • Know more about How to create share and share documents.


  • History section will show all the modifications done to the documents or folders uploaded.
  • It also displays the new documents uploaded by team members.
  • Learn more about History.