Opportunities Quick View

Opportunity Module consists of information about an opportunity or a lead. Opportunity is a potential deal for sales, requested product or revenue for a business, whereas lead is a potential customer. This Opportunity Management will help to:

  • Keep all information related to a lead or opportunity in one place to ensure a consistent communication.
  • Forecast your sales deals.
  • Prioritize different opportunities.
  • An organized Opportunity management will help to convert leads into customers and close your sales deals faster.



  • Users can import or export all opportunities and their details in CSV format.
  • This will help to keep all the data related to opportunities or leads in one place in a spreadsheet and in an organized manner.
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  • Tags will help to segment your leads data by categories or groups.
  • It may also help to group your leads priority wise or industry wise.
  • With Tagging you can notify things to a particular set of leads or send emails or messages to a specific group or send promotional campaigns to leads related to sales.
  • Tags will basically search a list of opportunities or leads you are looking for.

Custom Fields

  • Opportunity module has fixed fields but users can also create custom fields as per their business requirements.
  • These custom fields can be created with different types like date field, number, boolean, hyperlink, list field, etc.
  • These fields can be edited and configured.
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  • Rules in Opportunities application are set up by the Administrator.
  • The rules in the system will execute actions as per the set conditions for an opportunity.
  • Opportunity consists of Access rules which grant or restrict access to data for certain users or departments.

Contact Roles

  • Contact roles will allow you to assign multiple contacts to an opportunity.
  • These contacts are given different roles in an opportunity which can work towards converting a lead into a customer or manage sales deals.
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