Getting familiar with Campaigns

Campaign Management is used for creating successful marketing campaigns. Campaigning requires a lot of planning, knowledge about the audience requirements, and proper execution of marketing strategies to increase sales. It raises awareness about your product via emails, newsletters, social media, print media, etc. OfficeClip Campaigns can communicate your objective to your audience. Users can create campaigns to send:
  • Newsletters
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Inform customers about your new products or new enhancements in website
  • Personalized offers to your clients


Design Campaign

  • OfficeClip Campaigns provides various templates for designing campaigns to suit your requirements.
  • It is an HTML based campaign designer.
  • The in-built features in OfficeClip campaigns will help to modify your campaigns as per your design.
  • Learn more on How to Design Campaigns.

Send Campaign

  • Users can send campaigns with their existing email account or with a New SMTP Account.
  • Campaigns can be sent by segmenting the customers by using filters, so that campaigns are sent to the right channels. Like newsletters can be sent to subscribers; promotional campaigns can be sent to prospects or product enhancement information can be sent to customers.
  • Automated campaigns can also be sent through drip marketing.
  • Know - How to Send Campaigns.

Campaign Email History

  • Campaign Email history tracks the status of sent campaigns.
  • It will show whether the campaign delivery is a success, queued or failed.
  • The users can also see the last opened date and time of campaign.