Competitors Quick View

In business, it is important to understand what your competitors are doing. You need to gather as much information as possible to gain an edge over your competitors. This knowledge can be used to:

  • Understand their marketing strategies.
  • To understand their strength and weaknesses.
  • To assess threats posed by these competitors.
  • To increase market share.
  • To study market trend.
  • This analysis will help you to plan and implement an effective strategy to assess your pricing, improve customer service or redesign your product or website.



  • Reports helps to analyze all the information related to competitors.
  • Within Competitors application users can create custom reports as per the requirement.
  • These reports can be copied, edited, and deleted.
  • Users can also set permissions for reports in order to restrict access to some users.

Search and Filter

  • Users can search competitors using various fields like address, first name, country, state, etc.
  • For advanced search users can create multiple filters with different conditions.
  • Users can also create Complex filters with two subgroup filters and then combine them.
  • Search and Filter option will help you to segment a group of contacts as recipients for sending a message, an email or a campaign.

Manage Fields

  • The competitors module has fixed fields which can be edited.
  • Users can also create custom fields as per requirement.
  • These custom fields can be created with different types like boolean, number, date, list field, hyperlink, etc.
  • Custom fields can be edited as well as configured.