Accounts Application

Accounts manages all your clients data to handle business dealings easily and carry the sales cycle smoothly. It will:

  • It gives an overview of all your clients' information. As the data is stored in a centralized place, all the departments can easily access the data as and when required.
  • This information will usually help the sales people who need to follow up with their clients.


New Account

  • Add new client details by clicking on the New button inside the Accounts module.
  • Users can also add a new account by clicking on the icon on the right side of the Accounts list screen.
  • To create a new account see: How to create a new Account.


  • Users can import or export all accounts and their details in CSV format.
  • Check how to Import/Export Accounts.


  • Tags helps to segment your clients' data by categories or groups.
  • It also helps to group your clients based on priority or industry.
  • Tagging helps you to keep track of what has been notified to a certain set of clients, particular group or campaigns to clients related to sales.


  • Rules in Accounts application are set up by the Administrator.
  • Rules are triggered based on some actions and conditions set up in the application.
  • The rules in the system will execute actions as per the set conditions for an account.
  • Accounts consists of three kinds of rules: On Screen Fields Rules, Workflow Rules and Access Rules.
  • On Screen Fields rule helps to automatically enter a value in an empty field based on a value entered in some fixed field. A Rule can also be created to show a warning to the users if a user tries to enter some invalid data.
  • Workflow Rules will help to perform certain actions based on some events. It is a kind of drip marketing that helps to send automated campaigns or emails or create automated tasks or events.
  • Access Rules are created to grant or restrict access of data to some departments or users in some state or country.


  • History section keeps track of changes made to an account by the team members.
  • The Administrator can view information regarding all modifications done to an Account, documents added to an account, invoices or issues attached to an account and so on.
  • Learn more about how to use the History.

New Filters

  • Filters are created to search Accounts by using certain conditions or sorting a group of accounts based on some criteria.
  • Once these filters are created they can be saved for future use.
  • Learn more about How to create Filters.