Task Management

Tasks are activities created to complete work related to projects. Tasks are associated with your contacts, accounts, leads, campaigns or competitors.

  • Tasks can be related to a particular contact associated with closing a deal.
  • Tasks can be associated with sending emails to customers.
  • It can also be a to-do list to perform various jobs in an organization.
  • Tasks are assigned to concerned team members along with status and priority.


New Tasks

  • Create new tasks by clicking on the New button inside the Tasks module.
  • Users can also click on the icon on the right side of the tasks list screen.
  • See - How to create tasks.

Filter Tasks

  • Filters will help the users to view tasks using different criteria.
  • Different kinds of in-built filters are available, which processes the required task list faster.
  • How to view tasks using various filters.

Track time for tasks

  • It is essential to monitor the time spent on each task given their status and priority.
  • This track time feature will help to plan time estimates for future tasks.
  • Learn - How to track time for a task.