Socketmail is a reliable email sending platform with many useful features. They boast 99.999+ percent deliverability. In addition to sending emails, it provides the following statuses for each emails:
  • Delivered
  • Bounced
  • Complaint
  • Opened
  • Clicked

Configuring SocketLabs

SocketLabs has one of the easiest configuration setup we have seen. By default each emails from socketlabs is signed by their own domain.

  • To setup the DKIM, click on Configuration > Domain Management.
  • Click on Add Domain and click Add.

    configuring socketlabs

  • After adding the domain, click on the domain name, it will take you to the authentication screen. Your domain need to be verified.

    configuring socketlabs

  • Click on the DKIM authentication option. Follow the instructions given on the page to get your domain authenticated.

    configuring socketlabs

  • Instead of a domain, you can also use your Email address to authenticate. For that select the Verify via Email button and follow the instructions.

How to use SocketLabs with OfficeClip

  1. Login to OfficeClip and Click on Settings > Integration from the left menu. Click on Settings inside the SocketLabs Integration application.

    initial setup

  2. Click on Install

    click on install

  3. When installed you will be directed to the Initial Setup screen, you will need to fill in information here from SocketLabs

    officeclip initial setup

  4. To do that, go to the SocketLabs application and go to the performance dashboard and click on the SMTP Credentials

    smtp credentials

  5. Copy the SMTP server, Username and Password from this screen and paste them on the OfficeClip integration screen.

    smtp credentials details

  6. Click on the Next button in OfficeClip to go to the Webhook screen where you can find the webhook url as shown below. Click on the Copy button to copy this webhook.

    officeclip copy webhook url

  7. In SocketLabs performance dashboard click on the Notification API option.

    click notification api

  8. Paste the webhook url (you copied previously) in the Endpoint Url textbox, Select Enable Feature for the required events and click Update

    paste webhook url

  9. In OfficeClip click on Next button to test all the settings we have done so far.

    To test, add an email address to the Test SMTP Connection field and click on Send Test Email button. You should be able to get a success message indicating OfficeClip can send emails via SMTP using SocketLabs. If there is an error, an error message will be shown here.

    officeclip test

Your SocketLabs integration with OfficeClip is now complete