Amazon SES

Amazon SES is a low cost email delivery platform to send bulk emails to your customers and partners. It is a service within the broad AWS platform for sending transactional and bulk emails. In addition to sending emails, it provides the status of each emails to let you know:
  • If the email has been delivered
  • If the email has bounced
  • Whether there has been any spam complaints

This document explains how to setup Amazon SES to send campaign emails and track bounces, complaints and whether the email is delivered.


Currently it costs 1 cent (US $0.01) to send 100 emails (see: If you are using amazon EC2 service, the first 62,000 mails are free. Attachments costs $0.12 per GB of information.

Bounces and Complaints

Any emails sent to incorrect email address gets bounced and will be reported as bounced emails by Amazon SES. In contrast, if the email recepient marks your email as spm, a complaint message will be sent to you by Amazon SES module.

Amazon is strict in terms of sending unsolicited emails.
  • They want your bounce messages to stay below 2% and if it exceeds 5% your account may be placed under review or they will stop your ability to send emails.
  • Similarly they want the complaint rate to be below 0.1% and if it exceeds 0.5%, they may stop your ability to send emails.

Repeatedly sending emails to bounce or complaint list spoils the reputation of the Amazon SES account and risks review.

In order to protect your reputation, OfficeClip Campaign module has implemented an email supression list. Any email bounced or marked as complaint by Amazon SES is automatically entered into this list. No emails will be sent by OfficeClip that is in this list. The supression list can be managed by the OfficeClip administrator.

How to Configure Amazon SES Account

Attention: Amazon SES Integration with OfficeClip is only available to the Enterprise Edition users.
  1. If you have not setup an account with Amazon yet, you can sign up with a free tier account at The free version allows you to send 62,000 emails per month for one year.
  2. While signing up, select the region that is closest to you.
  3. After you have completed the signup process head over to amazon SES (
  4. In the search bar, type search for email service and select the Amazon simple email service option.


  5. Now you need to verify your email address (which will allow you to send emails only from that address) or an entire domain (that will help you send emails from any address in that domain).
  6. To verify the email address, click on the Configuration and then on Verified identities on the left menu. Then click on the Create identity button


  7. On the next screen select the Email address option and enter your email address and then click on Create identity.


  8. To verify a domain, click on Domains from the left menu

    verify domain

  9. You will be presented with another screen to verify information in your DNS (domain name server)

    verify dns

  10. You can access this information from the company where your domain is hosted. When you have setup this information, go back to the Domains and select the newly setup domain and click on Verify a New Domain.

    select domain

  11. After you setup the email account, you will be ready to send test emails from this account. Amazon initially restricts you to send emails only to verified email address or a simulated email address. You are also restricted to send maximum of 200 email messages per day and 1 message per second. To get around this restriction, you must request the production access (
  12. After you get the production access, you will be ready to send emails via smtp SES. Before you do that you will need to create an SMTP account in amazon SES. To do this, on the amazon SES screen click on Email Settings from the left menu and click on Create my SMTP Credentials.

    smtp settings

  13. Click on Create

    create smtp user

  14. Now click on Show SMTP security credential to show the password. You can also download and save it in a safe place. Note: Amazon will not show this password again. If you forget it, you will have to create it again.

    smtp show password

  15. Now it is time to setup OfficeClip Integration with Amazon SES to use it with OfficeClip Campaigns.

How to use Amazon SES Account with OfficeClip

  1. Login to OfficeClip and Click on Settings > Integration and then click on Settings inside the Amazon SES Integration application. Note: Amazon SES integration is only supported on the Enterprise Edition of OfficeClip.

    officeclip integration

  2. On the details screen, click on the Install button to activate the Amazon SES integration.

    activate ses integration

  3. When installed you will be directed to the Initial Setup screen.

    ses initial setup

    Fill in the information here from the Amazon SES settings:
    1. In Amazon SES, click on the SMTP settings from the left menu and then add the Server Name from there to the OfficeClip Initial Screen. Next, add the user name and password from the saved password (that you copied in a previous step) to this screen.

      ses smtp settings

    2. Finally, on Amazon SES, click on Sending Statistics menu and then copy the Sending Quota and Max Send Rate from there.

      sending statistics

  4. Click on Next to setup the App to capture bounced emails. To do this you will first need to setup the Amazon SES to send information regarding the bounced emails to OfficeClip. In Amazon SES setup screen click on Domains or Email Addresses from the left bar (depending on how you have set it up initially). Now click on the email address or the domain that you want to use and click on the Notification to expand it and then click on Edit Configuration.

    ses bounce notification

  5. In the Edit Notification screen, select Bounce Topic, Complaint Topic, Email Send Topic and enable the Include Original Headers checkbox in each of them. Also, disable the radio button of Email Feedback Forwarding. Finally click on Save Config button.

    ses edit notification

  6. Next type SNS at the top search windows in side Amazon AWS and then click on Simple Notification Service to get to the SNS screen. Next click on the Topics in the left frame. It should show you three topics that we set up earlier. Next click on the BounceTopic link.

    sns topic list

  7. In the next screen click on Create Subscription. In the Create Subscription screen, on the Protocol, select HTTPS (or http if https is not used with OfficeClip).
  8. Copy the Url from the OfficeClip Bounce wizard step.

    officeclip copy bounce webhook

  9. And paste it in the Endpoint field in the Amazon screen. Next click on the checkbox that says "Enable raw message delivery".

    ses paste bounce webhook

  10. Finally click on Create Subscription button on the Amazon Create Subscription screen at the bottom right.
  11. Refresh the Subscription screen and it should show as Confirmed.
  12. In OfficeClip click on the Next button and setup the Complaints in the same way you had set up the Bounce earlier by clicking on the ComplaintTopic in the Amazon SNS screen and copying the url supplied by OfficeClip.
  13. In OfficeClip click on the Next button and setup the Delivery in the same way you had set up the Bounce earlier by clicking on the EmailSendTopic in the amazon SNS screen and copying the url supplied by OfficeClip.
  14. In OfficeClip integration to test all the settings we have done so far.
    1. Add an email address to the Test SMTP Connection field (note that you must use an amazon SES verified email address here) and click on Send Test Email. You should be able to get a success message indicating OfficeClip can send emails via SMTP using Amazon SES. If there is an error, an error message will be shown here.
    2. In OfficeClip click on the Next button and setup the Complaints in the same way you had set up the Bounce earlier by clicking on the ComplaintTopic in the amazon SNS screen and copying the url supplied by OfficeClip.

      test webhook

  15. Finally click on the Finish button to complete the setup.

Sending a Campaign with Amazon SES and OfficeClip

  1. Create a new Campaign in the Campaign Designer. See: How to Create New Campaign
  2. Send Campaign Email using the Amazon SES Integration Account

    send a campaign

  3. The campaign will now be queued and sent to the recepients.
  4. To track deliveries, bounces and complaints see the following article: How to Track Campaign Email History