SendinBlue has changed it name to Brevo now.

This article shows how to configure OfficeClip's Sendinblue integration module. Sendinblue can be used to send bulk emails to your contacts. The free version allows 9000 emails per month, limited to 300 emails per day.

SendInBlue Configuration

  1. Create a free account in
  2. Click on your name at the top right and select SMTP and API

    dashboard smtp api

  3. Click on the SMTP tab and create a new password

    smtp api

  4. Now create a domain or validate an email address to send emails from this account. For this click on the Sender & IP link on the right.

    sender and ip

  5. Then click on Domains to add a domain or click on Senders to add and verify email address.

    sender and ip

    1. For domains go to the domains screen, click on Add a domain and enter your domain name. Follow instructions to validate the domain. Note that this methods ensures least amount of spam mails. You need to have acccess to your domain DNS server to set this up.


    2. If the domain settings are not available, then setup the From email addresses.
    3. To set up an email address, click on the Senders option and then click on Add a sender. These addresses should be from people who are allowed to send emails from SendInblue.

      sender email

How to use SendInBlue with OfficeClip

  1. Login to OfficeClip and Click on Settings > Integration from the left menu. Click on Settings inside the Sendinblue Integration application.

    officeclip integration

  2. Click on Install


  3. When installed you will be directed to the Initial Setup screen, you will need to fill in information here from Sendinblue.

    officeclip add info

    1. Go to your profile and click on the SMTP and API in SendInBlue and click on the SMTP tab. Copy the SMTP server, Login and Password from this screen and paste them on the OfficeClip integration screen.

      smtp api

  4. Click on the Next button in OfficeClip to go to the Webhook screen where you can find the webhook url as shown below. Click on the Copy button to copy this webhook.

    get webhook url

  5. In Sendinblue screen click on the Transactional > Settings > Webhooks.


  6. Click on Add a new webhook. Paste the webhook url (you copied previously) in the URL to post to: textbox, Select the required events and click Add.

    add a webhook

  7. Now click on Next on the OfficeClip screen and test the integration.

    test email

Your SendInBlue integration with OfficeClip is now complete.