Wufoo is an easy to use online form builder that can be integrated with various software. We will show how you can create a form in Wufoo and integrate with OfficeClip so that the data entered by your visitor will show in the OfficeClip CRM.

Note: Only paid accounts will be able to integrate with OfficeClip.

How to Setup the Form

  1. Set up an account with Wufoo. While setting the account, note the following points:
    • Match the form field name and type you create at Wufoo with the corresponding fields in OfficeClip.
    • Drop down options between both systems should also match.

    Note: Any unmatched fields will be aded to the bottom of the description field.

    field mapping

  2. Embed Wufoo form at your website. To embed form do the following:
    1. Login to your Wufoo account and go to Forms
    2. After designing the form, click on Share Form to your right
    3. Copy the iFrame code.

      copy form code

    4. In your website contact page, embed this copied code as a separate iFrame.

      form to site

Connecting with OfficeClip

  1. Click on the settings button in the Wufoo integration in OfficeClip.

    select wufoo integration

  2. Click on the Install button

    install wufoo

  3. In Wufoo forms screen click on the rightmost menu button and select Integration.

    wufoo integration screen

  4. From the Other Application option select WebHook and click on Add Integration
  5. In the WebHook screen :
    1. From OfficeClip copy the Webhook url to the Webhook Url field of the Wufoo screen
    2. From OfficeClip screen copy the Handshake key to the Handshake key field of the Wufoo screen
    3. Check mark the Include Field and Form Structures with Entry Data
    4. Click on Save

    wufoo webhook credentials

  6. In OfficeClip click on the Next button to go to the Wufoo Options screen:
    • Select the Source from the dropdown. The selected source will be set in the imported contact.
    • Select multiple tags which will be set in the imported contact
    • Select Owner which will be set as the owner of the imported contact
    • Select Notify to notify the owner (selected in the previous step) via email when a new contact is imported.

    wufoo options

  7. Finally click on the Finish button on the OfficeClip screen.

Your Wufoo integration with OfficeClip is now Set up.