Google Forms

Google Forms is widely used by companies to capture user input for surveys, sign-ups etc. It is free and available to every user who has google account.

How to Setup the Form

We assume here you have a Google Account and have access to Google Drive. You also need to have sufficient privilege to create Google Forms.

  1. Go to Google Forms and create a new form.
    • Match the form field name and type you create at Google Forms with the corresponding fields (of same type) in OfficeClip.
    • Drop down options between both systems should also match
      Attention: Any unmatched fields will be added to the bottom of the description field.
    sample google form
  2. Embed Google form at your website. To embed form do the following:
    1. Login to your Google account and go to Forms
    2. After designing the form, click on the Send button at the top
    3. Click on the Embed icon (see 2 in figure below)
    4. Copy the iFrame code.

      embed form code

    5. In your website contact page, embed this copied code as a separate iFrame.

      form to site

Connecting with OfficeClip

  1. Set the Webhook Url in Google Forms
    1. Bring up the Google Form you just created in the previous step and press the three dots icon at the top right.
    2. Select Script Editor

      select script editor in Google Form

    3. Now you will need to change the script in the script editor from a different website. Visit the OfficeClip Github Page for Google Forms. In the file list you will find a file called google script.js . Click on the file and copy its content in your clipboard.

      google form github page

    4. Copy the content of the file google script.js and overwrite in the script editor (you opened in a previous step) after deleting the existing content there. Ensure the script editor is empty before you overwrite the content. Save it with a new name (say Project-1)

      copy script editor

    5. In OfficeClip Integration application click on the Google Forms integration

      select google forms integration

    6. Click on the Install button

      install google integration

    7. Note the Webhook Url and the Handshake key from this screen and copy them to the script editor variable in the script editor (see 1 and 2 on the figure below) you opened in the previous step.

      copy webhook url

      set webhook url

    8. Click on the Save icon on the Script Editor window (see 3 on the figure above)
  2. Now we need to set the triggers in the Google Script Editor so that it can send a webhook. To do this click on the Current Project's Trigger button on the script editor (see 4 in the figure above)
  3. Click on Add Trigger and select OnSubmit on the Choose which function to run and select On form submit on Select event type. Then click on Save.

    google forms add trigger

  4. You will be presented with an option to authenticate the script. Click on the google account you want to use.

    authenticate 1

  5. Next you will see a warning message saying that Google has not verified the application.
    Tip: Do not worry about this message as you will only be using this application locally and not distribute it to the world. Click on Advanced.

    authenticate 2

  6. Next click on the project name that you saved.

    authenticate 3

  7. Next click on Allow.

    authenticate 4

  8. In the OfficeClip interface click on the Next button to go to the Google Forms Options screen:
    • Select the Source from the dropdown. The selected source will be set in the imported contact.
    • Select multiple tags which will be set in the imported contact
    • Select Owner which will be set as the owner of the imported contact
    • Select Notify to notify the owner (selected in the previous step) via email when a new contact is imported.

    google forms set options

  9. Finally click on the Finish button on the OfficeClip screen.

Your Google Forms integration with OfficeClip is now Set up.