What is a Customer Portal?

Customer portals are a valuable tool for businesses that want to provide customers with a self-service experience. Customer portals allow customers to access information and support resources without contacting customer service. This portal can free up customer service representatives to focus on more complex issues and improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to find answers to their questions quickly and easily.

How does it help?

Most customers prefer to find solutions without any human interference. This is where the customer portal helps. Today, most companies use this automated system, saving time and energy.

Customer portals can be used to provide a variety of information and resources to customers, vendors, and suppliers, such as:

  • Time Reporting to Customers: You may not want to give full access of the timesheet to your customers. With Customer Portal, you will be able to give access to time reporting for employees who are working on the customer projects.
  • Help files: Employees can learn about the timesheet software from the help files within the customer portal.
  • Shared Timesheet Reports: Some productivity reports can be shared with customers and vendors via customer portal.

Customers can also use customer portals to create tickets for support issues, track their issues' progress, and receive updates from customer service representatives.


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