Free Timesheet Software for Small Business

A free timesheet app, efficiently designed to manage your employees time, plan projects, and monitor employee performance.

Why Free Timesheet ?

We offer Free Timesheet to introduce our online timekeeping software to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our software helps you track tasks for employees and projects, and it's a great way to get started with time tracking without any financial commitment.
Our application is not a timesheet template that can be filled out in Excel, Word, or PDF. It is a secure application that can be accessed or installed via our website. You can use it to track and store time you spend on projects.

What is in the free version?

Note: Some advanced features are limited in the free edition, Users can upgrade to paid version at any time.

OfficeClip Timesheet Overview

Time Entry Screen

Timesheet Software to Improve Productivity

Enter the projects, tasks, time, work details, and comments.

Tracking time for tasks

create multiple projects and tasks

Create multiple projects and tasks. Allocate and track work hours for these tasks.

Overview of Timesheet statuses

Time Management Screen

View timesheet details and status, whether they are submitted, approved, or rejected.

Tracking time across devices

Mobile timesheet List Screen

Track time and submit timesheets no matter where you are through various devices. All the data is synced online where time tracked can be easily viewed by the managers/supervisors.

Entering Time Details

Check-in and Check-out mode

Enter time manually with work hours and details, or use the Check-in/Check-out mode.

Digging into detailed analytics with reports

get an overview with reports

Create custom reports and customize the in-built reports. With report overview analyze project status, and employee productivity and efficiency. Also, plan budget estimation and resource allocation for future projects.

Other Advanced Timesheet Features and Modules

These features are only available in the paid version of OfficeClip Timesheet. You can upgrade to the paid version any time.
  • Adhere to the recommendations and guidelines set by the DCAA, by using the DCAA compliant timesheets.
  • Set up rules to ensure filling up of timesheets as per organizations requirements.
  • Easily connect timesheets with Quickbooks and ADP payroll system.
  • Manage and track all your business expenses and reimbursements with simplified Expense management.
  • Manage employees time offs with different type of leaves categories and accrual policies.
  • Create professional invoices using templates and get paid online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A timesheet software will help you to:

    • Create multiple projects and their tasks.
    • Track time for these tasks.
    • Track time spent by employees on these tasks.
    • You can view the project status at regular intervals and get an overview of work done.
    • You will be able to plan with better estimation for future projects with analysis.

  • The software is free to use with unlimited users and has no time limit. The basic online Professional edition starts from $3/user/month and has advanced features. The Cloud/Installed version for Professional edition starts from $24/user.

    Check more details on our Pricing page.

  • To start the Free Trial, click on the Register button here.

    For Hosted/online version - fill-up the form, choose the option Hosted, and click on Register and login. It will take you to the Create a New Account screen. Add the details, click Submit, and start using OfficeClip.

    For the Installed version - fill-up the form, choose the option Installed, and click Register and Login. It will take you to the download screen. Download OfficeClip and start using it.

  • You can start working on the online version immediately after registration. Fill up the form, create a new Account and start using OfficeClip Timesheet.

    For the installed version, the installation should take approximately 20 minutes. If you have any issues, you can refer to our Installation manual.

    If you still have issues installing contact our support at

  • Our software is easy-to-use. Once the Administrator sets up the Projects and Tasks, it is pretty simple to fill up the timesheets.

    We also have step-by-step documentation, videos, and support team to help you. Check the documentation link: OfficeClip Timesheet help

  • Refer to our FAQ's to get help with using our software - Timesheet FAQ

  • You can connect us through live chat, email us to or call us at +1-770-448-7375.


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