GDPR Compliance Statement

Revised Oct 25, 2018

What is OfficeClip Privacy and Cookie Policy?

The following cookies are used:

  • 999776 - Stores information on the referral URL, i.e. first URL visited on the site
  • 999456 - Stores information on the referral URL
  • Google Analytics - Google analytics cookies are used to check various parameters of the site visits by Google
  • Google Tag Manager - Google Tag Manager cookies are used to check various parameters of the site visits by Google
  • __tawkuuid - The chat software keeps information so that user chats with the site uninterrupted. This is not the cookie OfficeClip uses to collect any information
  • YAFNET_Authentication - Collected when the user visits a forum in OfficeClip, the information is encrypted and not collected for any other purpose other than validating and authenticating the user
  • ASP.NET_SessionId - Used for maintaining OfficeClip sessions. This is the cookie used for by Microsoft software to run the website

OfficeClip does not collect information from any other cookies to identify users.

Registration and Free Trial

When the user signs up for a trial version of OfficeClip, their email address is collected. We use the email address in the following way:

  1. Sending them registration information and email regarding the trial expiration
  2. Soliciting information and their feedback regarding OfficeClip services
  3. Support customers and trial users
  4. Sending invoices to customers

We do not share, sell or use this information in any other way.

How do we protect users information?

We do not share the user information with partners, service providers or a third party. We do not contact users other than what is specified under the section Registration and Free trial.

What information is collected by the OfficeClip Hosted Version?

We collect emails for providing registration information and sending invoices. Details information is provided above in the section Registration and Free Trial

What information is collected by OfficeClip Installed Version?

OfficeClip does not collect any information from the installed version. Some information may be collected by the third party who has purchased the OfficeClip Installed Version.

What do we do to protect your information which accessing OfficeClip software?

All connection in automated hosting is encrypted and HTTPS secure connection is used.

What happens then customer stops using OfficeClip?

For Hosted Version, old deleted accounts are deleted periodically. This includes all user instance information.

Who I should contact if I have a question?

You should contact OfficeClip support at [email protected]


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