What is Contact Manager?

Contact Manager

Contact Manager is a database centered software that sorts, stores, and retrieves the contact details, contact and sales history, and other sales related information. It is a fully integrated approach to tracking of all information and communication activities linked to contacts such as tasks, events, notes, etc.

Why your business should use Contact Manager?

  • You can store all the customer data in one place
  • Store the notes, tasks, issues, emails, events etc for a contact so that you can get these information from an easy to use interface
  • All work history and conversations can be easily accessed
  • An efficient contact manager will improve customer relationship and improve profitablility

Features that make Contact Manager easy to use are:

  • Grouping and Filtering: The grouping of your contacts by age, gender, geographic location, hobbies, etc. can make your Contact Management Software much more usable
  • Tagging: Tags helps to categorize your contacts on the basis of their location, interests or whether they are a contact, prospect, vendor, financer etc.
  • History: Detailed history for a contact can be tracked like if an event is added for a contact, whether campaign is sent for a contact or an issue is added by a contact, etc.
  • Customer Relationship: Contact Manager web-based applications help small businesses build, track, and grow relationships with customers
  • Information Presentation: Contact managers provide reporting functions and allow several people in a workgroup to access the same database of contacts
  • Help Desk: It provides the ability to create self-service support tickets for the customers.

Advantages of Contact Manager

OfficeClip CRM has a Free Contact Manager Software that will let you organize your contacts and retrieve any information related to a contact like notes, tasks, events, emails, etc. as per requirement. It is simple to use and will save time and efforts.

It also provides many advantages over traditional contact managers and CRM

Contact Manager details
  1. Information Bar: View all activities related to a Contact.
  2. Social Networking: Integration with social networking sites.
  3. Tags: Hierarchical tags to show contact interests or organize them on the basis of their location or some set of actions.
  4. Call List: Reminds user to call contact at specified times
  5. Extranet: Allows sharing of custom information with the contact
  6. History: Contact history will help you to see changes made to any of the contacts.
  7. Sync: Sync your contacts with Google and Outlook.

Important Features

  • Drip Marketing

    Helps in automated creation of tasks and events.

  • Documents

    Attach, share, lock and download documents in all applications.

  • Cust. Portal

    Share information and documents with your customers, suppliers, etc.

  • Invoices

    Create and send invoices and receive timely payments.

  • Call List

    Reminds to call up your customers at regular intervals.

  • Mobile CRM

    The mobile CRM will help to access all features no matter where you are.

  • Search/Filter

    Search contacts using different criteria and advanced filter options.

  • Tasks

    Create tasks, assign, send notifications and view status.

  • Integration

    Integrate OfficeClip contacts with Google and Outlook.

  • Campaigns

    Send promotional campaigns, newsletter, to your customers.

  • Tags

    Categorize your contacts on the basis of their locations, hobbies, etc.

  • Reports

    View and analyze contact information through reports.

Applications within CRM:

CRM applications
  • Accounts :

    Keeps records of all your accounts and their details. An account may be your vendor, supplier, channel partner, reseller, etc.

  • Campaigns:

    Send promotional, marketing campaigns, product information or enhancements to your customers through Campaigns.

  • Calendar :

    View all your tasks, time-offs and other day to day activities through calendar.

  • Tasks :

    Task management will keep a record of all your activities to be performed alongwith their status, due date, duration, etc. Time can also be tracked for each task.

  • Invoices :

    Can be sent to customers via our customer portal and it also has the ability to receive payments.

  • Competitors :

    List of competitors helps to analyze your strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

  • Opportunities :

    Contains list of prospects. Their detailed information will help to analyze the probability for turning them into clients.

  • Documents :

    Helps to store all the documents in one place. The users can lock, download, delete or share the documents.

Benefits of using OfficeClip Contact Manager

  • Security - Contacts can be configured to be secure and yet still be easily accessible. For example, if an organization has different hierarchical levels and it wants to provide controlled access to its staff, the administrator can create roles and assign permissions to each role.
  • Increased Productivity - Keeping all contacts related information in one place eliminates the need for maintaining multiple copies in different places. This availability of information and its associated time savings translates directly into increased productivity.
  • Reduced cost of ownership - Free contact manager for unlimited users is provided for the Standard Edition. If the organization does not need advanced features like workflow, sync, etc. this version can be a good starting point. It can be seamlessly upgraded to the enterprise edition when required.

Online Contact Management

Unlimited Users

Hosted/Installed Version

Mobile App


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