What is a Feature-based time-tracking software?

A Feature-based time-tracking software is a type of software that offers a variety of features or functionalities to help users track their time more effectively. This features allow businesses to track how their employees are spending time on multiple projects and their tasks.

This type of feature-based software allows companies to track time for different project, clients, and departments. The features in the software include:

Task and Project tracking:

With this feature, the admins can create multiple projects and various tasks for each project. After creation, these projects and tasks are assigned to the users so that they can track time accurately. Tracking time for the projects also ensures efficient billing.


This functionality allows users to start and stop timers to measure the time spent on specific tasks.


Provide the admin and users with time summaries on various tasks, projects, or clients.


This function allows users to integrate their time-tracking software with other applications, such as project management or accounting software for payroll purposes.

Custom fields:

This feature allows the creation of custom fields based on organizational needs.


A rule is an essential feature in the time tracking software as it ensures tracking of time as per organizational guidelines.

The features offered by a feature-based time tracking software vary from software to software.

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Benefits of using a Feature-based Time-tracking software for Businesses:

  • The software helps to track your time more accurately and efficiently.
  • It can identify areas where you can improve your productivity.
  • It will help to bill clients more accurately.
  • Manage your projects more effectively and within deadlines.
  • Stay compliant with industry regulations.