Setting up the Related Information for Opportunities

This section will describe how to use the various related information associated with the Accounts application.

We can see the information about Activities, Notes, Documents, Contact Role, Competitor, Relations on the Opportunity Summary Screen as well.

opportunity related info

Contact Roles

Contact roles will allow you to associate multiple contacts with each opportunity and to give those contacts a particular role in the opportunity, such as Manager or Associate. Associating contact roles with your opportunities will help you to manage better your opportunities and those working on them.

To create roles for an Opportunity:

  1. Click CRM > Opportunities > Admin > Contact Roles.
  2. To create a new role, click Add Contact Role.

  3. Type the name of the role you want to create and then click on the icon

To use these created roles:

  1. In the opportunity list, double-click the opportunity for which you want to assign a contact a role.
  2. Then on the summary screen, click Contact Role > New Contact Role.

  3. From the drop-down list, select the role you want to assign and click icon. The search icon will give a list of Contacts from which you can choose who will have that Contact Role for that opportunity.

    opportunity contact role

  4. If you want a Primary Contact for the opportunity, just click the radio button beside that person.
  5. Click Save when finished.

To view the roles assigned to a particular opportunity:

  • Double-click on the opportunity you want to view a list for.
  • On the summary page, click Contact Role .

    opportunity view contactrole

  • You will see the list of roles assigned to that particular opportunity.
  • To edit a contact role click the icon.
  • To delete a contact role click the icon.


The OfficeClip Competitor module allows companies to store and track information regarding their competitors. Store the competitor information with each opportunity. Knowing which competitor won a particular opportunity helps in making changes to the sales tactics to win future opportunities.

On the summary page, you can view the list of competitors.

You can either add a new competitor to the opportunity list or select an existing competitor.

To add a new competitor:

  • Double-click the opportunity for which you want to add a competitor.
  • On the summary page, click Competitor > New Competitor .

  • Then fill up the details of the competitors like their general information, address information, their strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats, and then click Save.

To add an existing competitor to your list:

  1. Click Add Existing Competitor
  2. From the drop-down list, select the competitor and click Add.

  3. To edit the competitor information click the icon.