Auto-approving Timesheets

This feature automatically approves the timesheet of a user. The administrator of the organization needs to enable this feature.

To set the Auto Approvals:

  • Click HRM > Timesheet > Admin > Profiles.

  • In the Functions section, you can see Auto Approve with two options: Yes and No.

  • If you click Yes, you will be able to see the Auto Approve button on the top menu on the timesheet list screen.

  • Click on the Auto Approve button and select the users that you want to auto approve. When such users submit a timesheet, you will not be notified to approve them, and they get automatically approved.


Use this feature with caution and with users you trust most! If the user makes a mistake or intentional error, it will probably not be caught before it goes to the back end system.


Auto-approve is disabled when the DCAA mode is activated in the timesheet.