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OfficeClip's affordable, powerful and easy-to-use management software can be used in any industry, company, department or team. The software is easy to adopt and will quickly get your business operating more efficiently and effectively. We have decided to highlight several industry areas to give you a better idea of how OfficeClip will make a positive difference in your organization.

Construction industry

Construction Industry Professionals

Construction industry has to deal with various applications like work crews, supervisors, managers, customers, leads, opportunities, time spent on projects, invoicing, issue resolution etc. Using OfficeClip is like using a single application to take care of all these issues.

Software for Accounting professionals

Accounting Professionals

OfficeClip makes it easy for accounting professionals to get organized and stay organized. Manage all your client accounts via a web browser, store important documents in one place and track time spent. Less paper, fewer administrative tasks and happy clients!

Healthcare professionals

Healthcare Professionals

With multiple solutions for the complex healthcare industry, OfficeClip will give you the ability to focus more on your patients. Track patient appointments, handle insurance issues with ease and your patients by easily keeping them informed about the latest medical news.

Track software issues

IT Managers

Developers, IT managers, and web designers will all benefit from OfficeClip's Issue tracking software. Track bugs and other issues from start to finish and in between, update the status and criticality of the problem or assign it to another co-worker as the completion process progresses.

Software for lawyers and paralegals

Lawyers and Paralegals

Legal software is famous for being expensive and difficult to use. OfficeClip, on the other hand, is extremely affordable and easy to adopt. Everyone in your practice can use it; lawyers can get all their data no matter where they are via a laptop, Blackberry, etc., paralegals can easily organize information and documents, and administrative assistants can quickly take notes and check schedules.

Marketing professionals

Marketing Professionals

Keep designers, contractors, employees, and vendors on the same page with OfficeClip. Users can record time spent on each client or project, so you know how to allocate your marketing budget. Additionally, you can track client information in real time so you can make informed marketing decisions.

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