For an investment to benefit an organization, it requires an adequate return. Proper analysis of the Return On Investment on a software purchase is optimal.

Timesheets Return on Investment (ROI) is calculated as: (Benefits - Costs) / Costs

We invite you to compare OfficeClip to other Business Management Timesheet and Expense Software. Investing in new software is a move which should be both well received and easily implemented. Try our Free Standard Edition to help you evaluate our software; there is no Time Limit for two users, and you can add more users free for 30 days. Also, a one-on-one web conference could assist in assessing business needs.

OfficeClip Free Timekeeping Software confidently stands behind its wide-reaching applications and hopes your organization receives a superior gain.

Download Timesheet and Expenses Return on Investment Spreadsheet(.xls)

How does OfficeClip Timesheet and Expense improve ROI?

With OfficeClip Timekeeping software, organizations should find increased productivity, communication, and efficiency; reduced costs and a more organized system through automated controls, later follow up and review tools.

Increased Efficiency

Eliminates the manual, time-laden paper system. The OfficeClip's efficient Timesheets and Expense solution will help reduce the costly hours spent on the manual timekeeping.

Eliminates Paper Distribution

Reduction in the costs of toner, printers, and paper. Lighten the footwork associated with obtaining Timesheets, routing to the supervisor for approval, rerouting for further approval, distributing to payroll, and finally returning to the employee. For an Expense Sheet, similar tedious footwork is inevitable.

Reduced Miscalculation and Misappropriation Incidents

Handwritten data is always prone to errors. Considering the process from time entry to pay distribution and deciphering script is an issue. Costly funds accrue from overpayment errors, and payslip readjustment measures and the OfficeClip online Timesheets adapt reports garner reliable analysis, verification, and disbursement.

Informed and Productive Employees

With Employee Time tracking Software Employees can log on and check their Time, Expenses, Vacations, and Project Assignments anytime, anywhere. This feature also frees management and human resources from continually answering inquiries.

Real-time Communication

Communication improves with administrator rules, warnings, and efficient routing mechanisms. When management is unavailable, it forces employees to leave verbal or written messages, which is an unreliable source of communication. Also, management can easily communicate notification of Timesheets approval, Resubmission, and Project Assignments to their subordinates.

Organized Allotment

With our Employee Timesheet Software, it is easy to view, sort, and archive the tracking of Payroll time allotment and vacation.

Outstanding Security

Secure login and password offer the user privacy and exclusive access to their data.

Investment Cost

Investing in OfficeClip is reasonably priced. In comparison to our competitors, we offer an Affordable and Easy to use solution to benefit your organization.

  • OfficeClip Timesheet and Expense License - Dependent on the number of licenses
  • Implementation Cost - OfficeClip estimates implementation requires one employee for three days.
  • Training
  • Support and Upgrade - Free for the first year, 20% every year after that.

  OfficeClip Timesheet and Expense - Pricing

How to use the ROI calculation tool?

Calculating the ROI requires enumerating the costs of employing the Timesheet Software against the benefits it provides. Although a perfect calculation for an organization is not always possible, we have created a spreadsheet calculator to assist you in computing your expected gains from OfficeClip.

ROI accounting methods are sometimes hard to measure because many collaboration benefits aren't quantifiable in a traditional sense. It might involve an hourly or headcount measurement, rather than a dollar amount. At the same time, any investment must be profitable to reap. The ROI tool can be of some estimate of the provided return from investing in OfficeClip Timekeeping Software.

Calculate the estimated Return on Investment (ROI) and savings your organization can expect with OfficeClip Timesheets Enter the values that most readily show your organization's current conditions. View ROI to evaluate your return.

Download Timesheet and Expenses Return on Investment Spreadsheet(.xls)

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