Time Off

Many Companies provides a pool of hours like sick, vacation and personal days and allows employees to use them as desired. This benefit is called Paid Time Off (PTO).

Benefits of Time Off

  • When requested in advance, allows the employer to plan around the absence of the employees.
  • View of past and future time-off bookings, as well as balances, helps company to do long term planning.
  • A majority of managers agree that encouraging time off makes their employees more willing to put in the long hours when needed.
  • Many business owners who took a vacation experienced an increase in job performance upon returning to work.

OfficeClip Time Off application enables your company to efficiently manage and track the employee’s time off and accruals. It is simple to use and easy to understand.

Time off request
  1. Category - Set by the administrator along with the availability of hours.
  2. Request - Hourly time off helps to take some time off for part of a day. A day's time off is 8 hours.
  3. Submit - This option sends the time off request to the approver. The User can see the approval status on the "My request" screen.


Time offs are accrued over a specified period and the administrator can reset it at the end of the period. The exact period is specified in the employment agreement and usually increases with seniority.

For example, employees working less than 40 hours per week and at least 20 hours per week can earn PTO hours on a prorated basis. Length of service also determines the rate at which the employee will accrue PTO.

Accrual Policy
  1. Name - Accrual policy name and description helps to identify different accruals for employee groups.
  2. Period - When the accruals will be awarded, whether weekly, monthly or yearly.
  3. Maximum accrual - If a limit is set, add the number of hours for which accruals is to be set.
  4. Carry over - Whether a limit is set or not or when accruals are reset if not used for a period.

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