Create trouble ticketing system using the issue tracker

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Issue tracker is a part of the OfficeClip suite and provides capabilities for recording, tracking and acting on issues. This article will describe how to use the OfficeClip issue tracker and extranet to create a trouble ticketing system for your internal users and customers.



Creating web form to accept issues

To start the process you will need to create a new web form. This will provide an url that you can either put at your site or email it to your customer. They will be able to use the url to create an issue on line. Upon creation the issue is entered in the issue tracker and the customer will receive a tracking ticket using which they will be able to track the issue in the future.

Select a binder and click on the new option on the button bar called web forms, then create a new web form with public access. All the steps to do this are available in the video above.


Exchanging notes with the customer

Upon creating the ticket, the customer and the agent can communicate using note. These notes are kept in the OfficeClip issue tracker for future reference.

Agents can also keep the note private so that they do not get shared with the customers. This is useful in recording confidential information regarding the ticket or the customer. The details of the creation and communication of notes are explained in the above video.


Enabling email support

Customers can also send issues via emails. Administrators needs to create an email address in their own mail server and provide information to OfficeClip. OfficeClip polls this account periodically and, whenever the email arrives, creates issues out of it.

Customers can be given this email address to report issues. Upon sending the email, they get a tracking ticket so that the ticket status can be tracked in the future and notes can be added to the ticket. This process is explained in the video above.


Creating secured web forms

Sometimes, for security reasons, it may be necessary to have your customer login to their portal and send the ticket. OfficeClip issue tracker has built a portal so that, login and password can be created for your customers and they can report, track, write notes and track issues using their own portal.

Please see the video above for details on how to create a secured login for your customers.


SK Dutta