Can Bing be the Next Great Thing?

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I just wanted to write a little something about Microsoft’s newest adventure. Also, we ourselves are considering advertising on Bing, so I though I’d share some of our research in case others are thinking of putting some ads there.


Although Bing is no Google, they have started a massive advertising assault to get people to begin using it. It is already the #8 search engine in the UK, with users spending 8 minutes there before moving on. Not bad. The design of Bing is also something that could pay off for advertisers (this is the kind of thing we at OfficeClip are currently considering) and Andy Beal of SearchNewz gives a good explanation for this:

Bing uses a three column design for its search results page. Having just returned from Microsofts Search Summit, I can confirm that this wasnt just done on a whim, but very carefully thought out. One of the driving factors for the design, was the ability to give Bing users a vast array of data and refinement options. In essence, Bing gave that left hand navigational column a prime time spot.”

On the more descriptive side of what Bing is and its functions for users, not advertisers, David Berkowitz from the Advertising Age defines Bing as a Search Portal as opposed to the Decision Engine it claims to be. The Search Portal gives the user all the information it needs from one place so they won’t have to go anywhere else. Bing offers users the ability to keeping redefining and refining their searches so they don’t need to leave the site until they have found what they are exactly looking for and go to that website.

I like this idea because Google has problems giving really up to date information; I rely a lot on that “Back” button because I end of clicking on things that are not even close to what I want. I am really excited about Bing, both to use for my own searches and to get into for advertising OfficeClip and all our web-based products! Be sure to keep your eyes out for us on Bing when you use it!

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