Changes in OfficeClip New Release 9.1

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We are excited to announce our new release of OfficeClip 9.1. This is a major release and has been made possible because our users have provided us lots of feedback in our feedback site. In this release we bring you a new Application called Paid Time Off. It is now possible to track employee paid time off (PTO) and manage vacation accruals. Other major enhancements include ability to control the page size and using template to create the login screen. In addition to this we have made a lot of small enhancements and many bug fixes.







New Application: Paid Time Off and Accruals

When an employee requests a time off, depending on the settings, it will show up in the group calendar. The entire group will be able to see the status of the time off and who has requested it. This helps the team to know who will be available at a particular point of time. Administrators can also set who can approve the time off. 




Accruals rules can also be set for each time off category and the system automatically calculates the accruals. For example, a rule can be created such that “each employee can accrue 1.25 vacation days every month but can only carry over 5 vacation to the new year”.


Controlling the Page Size

Based on the popular suggestion we have made it possible for you to control the page size of the Contact Manager pages. The page size once set is remembered in the program.
Templates for Login Screen

The login screen has been made more configurable, you can now select from various templates as a starting point of what your login screen should look like.
Lots of other enhancements and fixes
We have made lots of other enhancements and many bug fixes. Some of the important enhancements are:


  • Invoice currency now works for many other countries other than US and UK 
  • OfficeClip now has a separate Enterprise Edition. All existing users will not see any change in the functionality. Click here to see the difference between various editions of OfficeClip. 
  • OfficeClip now has a separate enterprise edition. All existing users will not see any change in the functionality. 
  • The entire codebase is changed to .Net version 4.0, this will not affect any functionality but our installed version user will see slight delay in upgrade if this framework is not available on their machine.