Create Campaigns and Newsletter using the Contact Manager

Reading Time: < 1 minute

In the past we have received many questions about how to use the Campaign feature of OfficeClip and I thought that this blog, along with the video, will give a good idea. In short the campaign manager can do a few things:

  • Send Html or text emails to some or all your contacts
  • Ability to send campaigns made using Microsoft Word via the campaign manager (as html email)
  • Use mailmerge to merge contact information with the print campaigns made with Microsoft Word.


The Campaign manager is available with the OfficeClip Contact Manager module and can tack all the emails sent to the contacts. You will be able to see if the contact has opened the email (is allowed by the contact email client), any email that has not been reached the contact successfully (with ability to resend) and also the actual campaign that has been sent in the past.

The video tutorial below explains the whole process.

Note: To see this video properly change resolution to HD and watch in full screen mode.

Photo Courtesy creative commons attribution