How to create a help desk using the OfficeClip Web Issue Tracker

Reading Time: 2 minutes

OfficeClip Issue Tracker can be used in various ways. This articles shows how to use it as an IT help desk.

  1. Setup a Binder: Binders are containers that holds issues. You can create different of binders for different things. For example, one binder can hold Internal Software bugs and another binder can hold customer issues. More detail on how to set up a binder is available here.
  2. Configure fields: Each binders can be configured in terms of their fields and list values. After you setup the binder, you will be taken to a screen from where you can rename existing fields, add user-defined fields or select which fields should be shown on the opening screen.
  3. Setup appropriate Rules: OfficeClip Issue Tracker can be configured to notify users under various circumstances, for example, a rule can be created to email the issue to the person it is Assigned To. Also Escalation Rules can be created to take an action if an issue is not addressed for a specific amount of time. More details can be found here.
  4. Setup a drop-in mailbox: A drop-in mailbox is an email address that can be used by your customers to report issues via email. In order to use this feature, you will need to setup a POP account at your service provider. OfficeClip Issue Tracker will periodically go and check for mails in this mailbox. If found, any mails (along with attachments) will be captured and entered into the appropriate binder. More details on how to setup this feature is explained here.
  5. Create a web page for your users to report issues: Sometimes it is easier to have a web page from where your users can report issues. OfficeClip Extranet can be used to create an issue capture form. Extranet module will provide you with a URL that you can link to your website. Details on how to set this up is written here.
  6. Provide a secured page for your customers to manage issues: OfficeClip Extranet also provides flexibility to create secured extranet user accounts (these are different from your normal user accounts) that you can give to your customers. Using this account they will be able to enter issues, add notes to an issue and also change the status of an issue. See here  for more information.