Use SMS alerts with OfficeClip

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Do you need to notify your team members that the meeting which is going to start in 30 minutes is rescheduled?

When there is a need to notify people urgently, group SMS (or mobile text messages) is a useful tool. OfficeClip alerts supports quick text messages (SMS) in addition to emails. Sometimes, when people are on to go, mobile phones are useful for communicating various information like:


* Send quick alerts to all members of your team

* Get reminded of a meeting or approaching task deadlines

* Get notified when a new issue is entered by customer or team member

* Know when a time sheet is submitted for approval

SMS can be enabled by setting it in the user details screen. Go to Users application and click on your name, then scroll down to the SMS settings and register your mobile phone.


Photo Courtesy David365 Creative Commons Attribution