What are Accruals?

Accruals are credits for time off that companies give to employees. Employees earn accruals at a fixed rate per week or month. When an employee takes time off, they use up their accruals.

The amount of accruals an employee earns can vary depending on their seniority, with more senior employees typically earning more accruals.

Unused accruals can be carried over to the next year or compensated in cash. It is important to note that some companies may limit the number of leaves that can be carried over to the following year, as per their policies.

accrual policies

How Time Off Accrual works?

Example 1:

An employee is granted 8 hours of leave per month

Total amount of leave hours per year will be 96 hours

The employee uses only 40 hours of leaves in a year

They will be left with a balance of 56 hours

These accumulated leaves or accruals and are carried forward to the following year

Year Leaves earned Leaves used Accrued leaves
2022 96 hours 40 hours 56 hours
2023 96 hours 0 hours 152 hours

Example 2:

Brian get 12 personal days of leaves per year

Leaves accrue on the first of each month

In the first 6 months Brian used 3 days of leaves

This left him with 4 days of leave at the start of July

In August, Brian was promoted and became eligible for an additional 12 days of leaves per year.

This brought his total annual leave entitlement to 24 days

If Brian does not take any more leave for the rest of the year, he will have 14 days of leave available at the end of December. This is calculated as follows:

  • 4 days of accrued leave from January to July
  • 10 days of accrued leave from August to December (2 days per month)


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