As technology advances, so too do the needs of businesses. Traditional methods of time tracking, like paper timesheets and punch clocks, while serving their purpose in the past, often become time-consuming and challenging to handle as businesses grow and processes become more complex. Automated timesheets offer a modern solution to meet these evolving needs.

What are Automated timesheets?

Automated timesheets are a method to capture all your work hours and provide an overview of time spent on certain projects and tasks using electronic timesheet software. They eliminate the old techniques of manually entering the work hours in paper cards or spreadsheets.

Benefits of implementing Automated timesheets:

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Automated timesheets reduce errors and ensure transparency in recording work hours by eliminating manual data entry.
  • Efficient Approval Process: Once configured, automated workflows can route submitted timesheets directly to designated managers for review and approval.
  • Improved Visibility and Analysis: Centralized data storage allows managers to access comprehensive reports that provide insights into project progress, employee performance, and resource allocation.
  • Smooth Payroll Processing: Accurately recorded hours translate directly to efficient payroll processing, reducing errors and saving time.
  • Time Saving: Automated timesheets save employees and managers from manual data entry and calculations, freeing time for more strategic tasks.
  • Invoicing: Accuracy in work hours leads to accurate client billing for projects, eliminating the need to get overpaid or underpaid.

Setting up Automated Timesheets:

Selecting the right software:

Today, various software solutions are available, each with varying features and pricing. Consider creating a list of desired features and using a decision matrix to evaluate options. While free software may seem appealing, explore affordable options with advanced features for optimal functionality.


Once software is chosen, initial configuration is necessary. This involves setting up projects, tasks, users, approval workflows, project rates, and other parameters. As this is a one-time step, it must be done carefully and comprehensively.

Employee Training:

Providing employees with a training session or demo is essential to ensure they understand how to use the timesheet software effectively. This familiarizes them with the interface and ensures accurate data entry.

Ensuring Daily Completion:

Implement strategies like automated reminders or notifications to encourage employees to complete their timesheets daily. This keeps track of employees' work hours consistently, so your reports and analysis are accurate.

By adopting automated timesheets, businesses can experience increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and valuable insights from consolidated data, ultimately contributing to better decision-making and a more productive work force.


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