The Timesheet approval or expense approval process is used to make sure that an employee timesheet is checked and approved by an authorized project manager, supervisor or other designated person. This is usually done to make sure that the employee works in accordance with the company policy and report the work done correctly for proper invoicing and billing.

Types of Approvals

Two types of approvals are supported in the OfficeClip Timesheet and Expenses program. Manual approvals allow employees to route the timesheet or expense manually to their supervisor. This is useful when there is no designated project manager or supervisor for the employee, or when the organization is set up without requiring any formal approvals. Automated approvals allow administrators to set up one or more authorized individuals to provide approval for each employee. These individuals may be a project manager, supervisor, or any other designated person.

OfficeClip also supports up to three levels of timesheet and expense approval workflow. In a multilevel approval workflow, if the timesheet or expense is rejected by the first authorized individual then it goes back to the employee. However, if it is approved by the first authorized person then it is sent to the inbox of the second tier individual for a higher approval level. The timesheet gets locked once it enters the submitted or approved status.

Timesheet approval routing

Figure: Timesheet workflow for approval

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