In most of the organizations, getting timesheets approved through authorized people is essential. The Timesheet approval process makes sure that the employee timesheet is validated and approved by an authorized project manager, supervisor or other designated person. This practice ensures that the employee works as per the company policy and reports the work done correctly for proper invoicing and billing.

Types of Approvals

OfficeClip provides various option for timesheet routing.

Timesheet approval routing

Figure: Timesheet workflow for approval

Types of Approval Routing:

  • Manual Routing: In this type of routing, the timesheet can be routed to anyone in the organization. While submitting a timesheet, the employee can select an approver from the dropdown list and submit his timesheet.
  • Automated Routing: In this type, the administrator sets up an approver for the user, and once the timesheet is submitted, it is automatically routed to the approver. Routing can be done to at most three different people.

Auto Approve

Timesheet approval routing

Figure: Auto approve timesheet

In some cases, a manager or supervisor may not choose to go through the approval process. In this case, if auto approve is set to Yes the system automatically approves those timesheets.

Features of OfficeClip Timesheet Approval System:

  • It ensures smooth and automated routing of timesheets.
  • The authorized approvers receive a notification when a timesheet is submitted.
  • Can be submitted on a weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis as set by the administrator.
  • A timesheet can be locked from further edits after it is submitted or is in approved status.
  • OfficeClip also provides an option for bulk approvals, where a supervisor or manager can approve more than one timesheets at a time.


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