What is Bulk approval in timesheet?

Approving individual timesheets can be time-consuming, especially in organizations with a large workforce.

Bulk approval is a feature in many timesheet systems that allows managers to approve multiple employee timesheets at once efficiently. This saves valuable time and streamlines the timesheet approval process.

Benefits of using the Bulk approval feature:

bulk approve timesheet

  1. Approving timesheets in bulk saves managers and HR personnel significant time compared to manual, individual approval.
  2. Bulk approval helps maintain a smooth workflow and ensures that employees are paid accurately and on time.
  3. Managers can focus on other strategic tasks instead of administrative duties.

To enable the Bulk approve option:

  1. Go to Timesheet > Admin > Profiles > Functions.
  2. Set the Bulk approve option to Yes.
  3. On the timesheet list screen, you will see the Bulk approve option.
  4. Checkmark all the submitted timesheets and click on bulk approve to approve the employees' timesheets.

While bulk approval offers efficiency, it's crucial to maintain proper oversight. Managers should still review timesheets periodically to ensure accuracy and address any discrepancies. Additionally, consider establishing specific criteria for bulk approval, such as only approving timesheets with minimal or no edits.

Organizations should have clear policies and procedures for using the bulk approval feature to ensure responsible use and data integrity.


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