What is DCAA Compliance?

DCAA compliance is a set of regulations and guidelines that government contractors must follow to ensure they are billing the DoD accurately and honestly.

This means that government contractors must have systems in place to track their costs and expenses accurately, and they must be able to document their compliance with DCAA regulations. This includes using DCAA-compliant timesheets, as well as having procedures in place for managing indirect costs, billing costs, and accounting costs.

DCAA compliance is important because it helps to ensure that the DoD is getting the best value for its money. It also helps to protect government contractors from allegations of fraud or abuse.

DCAA is not a certification that a contractor has achieved, but rather it is enforced through audits. DCAA auditors will review a contractor's systems and procedures to determine whether they are compliant with DCAA regulations. If a contractor is found to be non-compliant, they may be subject to penalties, such as fines or the disallowance of costs.

dcaa compliance for timesheets

Benefits of DCAA regulations:

By following DCAA regulations, government contractors can help ensure that they are not overcharging the government and are using taxpayer funds in the best possible way.

Some benefits of DCAA compliance are:

  • Avoids fraudulent billing
  • Increases transparency
  • Protect taxpayer funds

If you are a government contractor, it is essential to understand DCAA compliance and to take steps to ensure that you comply with all applicable regulations.


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